Dex, a superdog sleuth, is the law of the land when the world's most recognized brands take on the forces of evil and the devilish Brand X.

Dex, a superdog sleuth, is the law of the land when the world's most recognized brands take on the forces of evil and the devilish Brand X. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Foodfight! torrent reviews

Rick M (ag) wrote: A disturbing look at the life of the Chess Master as he grows more paranoid and loses touch with reality.

Alejandro R (de) wrote: Just a truly amazing film of people living difficult lives and doing all they know to do in the face of the circumstances they're presented with. It's a story of desperation and choice. It also provides an interesting lens into a world I had no idea existed in the very state I reside in. I'm glad Melissa Leo got recognition for her great work in this film. I remember her from the critically-acclaimed 90s police drama "Homicide: Life On The Street."

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Better than I was expecting, A good twist at the end, Worth a watch, But nothing particular new.

apollo h (de) wrote: was an ok movie, I wouldn't add it to my collectioin

Nilanjana R (ag) wrote: fantastic film,one of the best comedies for a long time,special kudos for bringing the sombre message of gandhiji-s principles and ideals in such a light-hearted and friendly manner.absolutely love lucky singh!!

Alexander C (ca) wrote: ..........................

Gary B (ru) wrote: The mustache that won the west.. This is a good western. I think it's almost mandatory to see this. Once you start down the western road..

Dave S (kr) wrote: The filming isn't anything special, but the staging is fun, and the performance - with the notable exception of the Father Sarducci filler portions - is just great.

Eric B (de) wrote: "Good Morning...and Goodbye" just isn't fun like most Russ Meyer films. The women are such relentless shrews that one can hardly bear their company. The plot is also thin, and really is about nothing beyond who's screwing who."Good Morning" lacks the droll "patriotic" quality found in many Meyer projects, though its polished musical score (imagine a '60s detective show) may be the most commendable element. It does have the overlong, narrated introduction and another of those peculiar, disconnected "goddesses" whom Meyer is so fond of inserting. This time, she manages to become a story element, eventually serving as inspiration for the downtrodden male lead (Stuart Lancaster, yet again).The cast's other jigglers are brunette Alaina Capri (who also appeared in "Common Law Cabin") and blond Karen Ciral.Lots of embarrassing, dated lingo in the script: "cats," "my old man," "swinging," "digging," "heavy," "making the scene" and more. And of course, every other line is a leering double-entendre. "You read the profit-and-loss statement like a vulture and you play the stock market like a fox," snarls Capri to the impotent Lancaster. "But you store your nuts away like a squirrel."This may be the only film I've seen besides "Eastern Promises" where a male character has a nude fight scene.Otherwise, Flixster's above synopsis tells you all you need to know.

Brandon K (ca) wrote: The film that brought us White Christmas. It is interesting film, with lots of old charm.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Classic Walt Disney masterpiece; short, sweet and beautiful to look at; highlights include the "Pink Elephant" scene and the Oscar-nominated song "Baby Mine."

Rob M (jp) wrote: Its got some good laughs here and then, buts its Mad Dog Glory is a slow film with a script that doesn't offer enough humor and a more interesting/less predictable plot line.

Ola G (au) wrote: Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) watches a Sonny Chiba triple feature at a Detroit movie theater on his birthday when he meets Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette). They go to a diner and flirt with each other. At Clarence's apartment they have sex. She confesses that she is a call girl hired by Clarence's boss as his birthday present. Each claims to have fallen in love and they marry and express their commitment with one another by getting tattoos. An apparition of Elvis Presley (Val Kilmer) tells Clarence that killing her pimp will make the world a better place. Clarence visits Alabama's pimp, Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman), who makes Clarence uneasy. Clarence tells Drexl that he has married Alabama and she has no additional business with him. Drexl and Clarence fight, Clarence draws a gun and kills Drexl. He grabs a bag that he assumes contains Alabama's belongings (which in fact contains drugs that Drexl's peddling). Later Clarence and Alabama go to see Clarence's estranged father, Clifford Worley (Dennis Hopper), a former cop. Clifford tells Clarence that the police assume Drexl's murder is a drug-related killing, and that the cocaine belonged to Irish mob boss "Blue Lou" Boyle. In Los Angeles, the young couple plan to meet Clarence's old friend, Dick Ritchie (Michael Rapaport), an aspiring actor. Back in Detroit, Clifford is confronted in his home by Don Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken), Boyle's consul in the Detroit Mafia, who wants the drugs taken from Drexl. Clifford refuses to reveal where his son has gone. Coccotti shoots Clifford in the head and then finds a note on the fridge giving Clarence's address in L.A...Tony Scotts (RIP) "True Romance" with a script filled with pop culture references from Quentin Tarantino is a violent ride with larger than life characters and with a hint of Bonnie and Clyde in Clarence and Alabama. When re-seeing it today its so very stylistically and aesthetically in the line of what became Tony Scotts slightly over the top trademark of filmmaking. Its a gritty, dynamic, bloody and amoral road movie with a large ensemble cast. Its shameless in its exploitation of excessive violence and personally I wasnt all that impressed when I re-saw it the other day. The fight between Alabama and Virgil is just too much to be honest. Despite the fact that we get solid performances from everyone involved (who will forget Gary Oldmans Drexl) the storyline isnt all that exciting nor logic in many ways and I reckon the film wouldve been far better off with the alternative ending as that wouldve fit the film much more. I reckon time has made me feel different about this sort of films and I have grown a tiredness of Tarantinos ultra violence over time. At least when the story isnt engaging and just seem to exploit violence. Compared to for example "Inglourious Basterds" which I still reckon as one of Tarantinos best.

TeeJay P (it) wrote: Terrible terrible TV movie. Truly horrendous.

Boris M (ag) wrote: Obviously a continuation on the first movie with some of the same characters and pretty much the same plot.