Fools' Parade

Fools' Parade

Homer Grindstaff is a big named banker in Glory and Doc Council is a prison official and they team up to plot to kill Appleyard and his ex-convict friends who were attempting to open up a general store in Stone Coal, West Virginia and then to take the money.

When a trio of ex-convicts led by Mattie Appleyard is released from prison, they hope to open a general store using money Mattie has saved during his 40-year sentence. This attempt is met ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew R (mx) wrote: Not entirely sold on the accents/roles that JGL and ScarJo have to play in the film, but with a fairly simple concept they made it feel personal.

Keith H (es) wrote: well scripted and acted. Oskar's world was grim and empty before he met Eli.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: Uncertainty never quite comes off big time but still carries the Indy time feel auspiciously. The inclusion of Joseph Gordon-Levitt creates a higher caliber experience and ultimately makes the film worth more than most Indy films that lack star power.

Vronique B (es) wrote: Une agrable faon de se souvenir de l'anne 1936

Jenn T (gb) wrote: Horrible acting. Poor plot.

Riccardo K (jp) wrote: High pace great flix , one of my favorites

Barnaby G (br) wrote: Quite interesting, but only quite. Not sure whether this was meant to be a horror or a brother bonding movie. Either way, I didn't care too much. Some good bits and some good acting.

Sergio R (ca) wrote: A smart, finely-written script and valuable performances make Tadpole a delightful dramedy.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Released around the same time as Dangerous Liasons though both taken from the same novel about sexual machinations of two jaded aristocrats, this film is still gripping but can't help feeling less appealing and less tastefully orchestrated than its Stephen Frears counter part; overstretched and too wordy, this film still has great art direction and performances by the two leads, Firth and the stunning Bening.

Richard D (au) wrote: In many ways, this is a great sequel. It's a non-arbitrary continuation of the story of the first film, and it doesn't cut back on the visceral violence and gore of the first film. If anything, this is a nastier film. It is inferior though. It does tend to take everything that was interesting and edgy about that film and flatten it out somewhat. The strange moral ambiguity of the Cenobites is replaced by a straightforward conception that has them as denizens of Hell, and hence, simply evil. The intimate and very personal violence and betrayal of the first film is replaced by clearly bad people doing bad things to innocent people. It's good ... far better than we'd have any right to expect it to be ... but it's not great.

IVRt (nl) wrote: for some odd reason I think that the Secretary iz the blonde... lmao! it just soo fitz lmao

Adam C (ru) wrote: Lesser Renoir, which is better than most people's best. Remarkable photography and a fine story managed to elevate this above the often grating performances--definitely worth watching.