Footprints on the Moon: Apollo 11

Footprints on the Moon: Apollo 11


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Footprints on the Moon: Apollo 11 torrent reviews

Oscar S (ru) wrote: Women are the real architects of society. -- Cher

nicole m (jp) wrote: A really terrifying documentary about what could happen to our planet as the result of nuclear weapons.

Austin G (mx) wrote: I never really got into Hannah Montana on TV, thus it didn't transfer for me to a movie. It gets a 1 because Miley Cyrus was attractive. WAS.

Jocey D (it) wrote: Powerful, eviscerating and disgusting state of affairs is revealed in this movie. Because it is based on true events makes it all the more demoralizing to think that the people sent to protect the victims of war abuse their status all to satisfy their dicks, greed and need for power. The world is a mess.

Steve S (au) wrote: *1/2 (out of four) With the upswing in superhero movie, we're bound to get some turkeys and this is one of them. Bad effects and laughable heroes make it almost fun to watch this disaster.

Amy W (de) wrote: Horrifying. Very hard to stomach. But an amazingly good adaptation of the book.

Juan D (mx) wrote: Good film, description almost steered me clear, but I am glad I watched it.

Bandido G (mx) wrote: super peep numero siete.The. The.DVD cover = noElla es musica con clothes.

The S (nl) wrote: An underrated picture based on a story by sci-fi giant Philp K. Dick. The cast are generally excellent. The main plot is intelligent and thought provoking but the film loses the plot a bit when it tries too hard to be an action movie.

Hannibal O (fr) wrote: I wish I had the backyard of the house it was shot in. Otherwise the rest of the movie can go to boredom hell.

Mark M (jp) wrote: Stan Winston's directorial debut with Pumpkinhead is marred with problems in its narrative and acting, yet remains an original entry for a horror film due to its unique monster mythos and practical effects that went into bringing the titular Pumpkinhead-But-Without-A-Pumpkin-For-A-Head demon to life.

Stephen O (nl) wrote: Sonatine was a wonderful crime drama. Takeshi Kitano does wonderfully well in this atmosphere. His character Murakawa is tired of the Yakuza life and wishes he could retire. His boss has other plans, sending Murakawa to handle a truce between their gang and another. Takeshi is a good director as the night scenes were well lit. He also used distances to his advantage. I felt trying to show how Murakawa had grown weary of the gang life. There were a couple of scenes that could have been shortened; as they seemed to drag for just a little too long. The story was excellent. It was filled with comedy, drama, and action. Also as the movie goes on the atmosphere changes to keep you unsure of what could happen next. I went from tense to relaxed; laughing to shocked. As you take the journey with him, you begin to see his men and himself get closer. They were almost family like (yes, I know), he even shows that he could be good deep down. There was sumo scene that became somewhat surreal, but was at the same time slightly humorous. When the ending came though, I was touched and shocked. It didn't end they way I expected at all. So if your every on netflix or walking around a movie store and see this it. The only real downside is it's foreign so you might end up reading some subtitles; but it is so worth it.

Jordan P (ca) wrote: Friday the 13th Part 2 set the stage for Jason Voorhees in his debuting appearance as the campground killer -- and represents one of the most important moments in the classic franchise's history with a sometimes clumsy but deliciously gory showcase for its killer's deadly talents.

Felipe F (es) wrote: With a funny - and sometimes grim - script combined with an energetic tour de force performance from Robin Williams, Good Morning Vietnam offers a sharp and captivating dramedy.

Jon M (it) wrote: Decent documentary, though I wish it had focused more on the actual work being done by the NFR and more about some of their unusual decisions and less on mythologizing that which is already firmly mythologized.