Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps in the Sand

At the airport, Slavi tells his life's story to a young customs officer. As children, Nelly promises Slavi to marry him. The two teenagers are passionately in love with each other but after some time Nelly falls in love with another guy. Slavi takes up drinking and gets into trouble with the Bulgarian militia (police) because of his family background. This is when he decides to defect to the West. After staying at a refugee camp in Austria and another desperate love, he sets out to the United States. There Slavi makes some new friends who help him buy a truck. He hits the roads of America, where he comes across an Indian who sells him an arrow. The vender tells him this amulet will bring his love back. Eventually, Slavi comes back to Bulgaria, where communism has collapsed. His beloved Nelly lives alone with her daughter. One day Slavi meets her again...

At the airport, Slavi tells his life's story to a young customs officer. As children, Nelly promises Slavi to marry him. The two teenagers are passionately in love with each other but after... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Emily H (jp) wrote: Everyone needs to watch this. especially if you suffer from any chronic illness or condition.

Bill S (gb) wrote: Just as good as the live-action movie .. :)

Sarah K (ca) wrote: Feels like any other movie set in a time of revolution and uprising.

Craig P (us) wrote: I just hate it when the story is boring in a movie. For those of you who don't know what the Chupacabra is, it is the Puerto Rican vampire, aka the goat sucker. In this movie, it looks like Gollum had a fling with a vampire bat. I'm pretty sure all of the cast were latinos except "Treach" their big star. The music must have been made before the movie, since it was so far off from the mood. The only reason it got anything out of 10 is because the characters and their actting was so bad it was laughable.

Johnny T (br) wrote: Jiminy Glick needs definition if he's to work as a character. We have to sense a consistent comic personality, and we don't; Short changes gears and redefines the character whenever he needs a laugh. Where else are you going to find an extended riff on the weird, weird world of David Lynch movies, an homage to "The Shining" and flatulence gags in the same place? A film this slipshod needs much more star-power than it's able to muster. Good news, fans of Martin Short's porky celebrity interviewer, Jiminy Glick: There's a big-screen version of the short-lived Comedy Central series, and both of you will enjoy it. Short's fans should wait for the DVD, where they can skip to the good scenes, which amount to 24 minutes of ace material -- perhaps not coincidentally, the same length as an old SCTV episode. Wedding a fairly complex mystery with show-biz satire against the real-life festival backdrop requires more structure and maybe more scripted scenes. VERDICT: "Hit The Exits" - [Panned Reaction] These are some of the worst films ever made. These films do everything wrong and do it worse than bad. Audiences should never see this film under any circumstances! (Films that are rated 0.5 or 1 stars)

Torion O (de) wrote: Amazingly filmed, magical float-y fighting along with not-so-float-y fighting, and an intriguing story. Music by Tan Dun captures the tone perfectly.

Eric R (nl) wrote: No, this is not a porno about a three way. The title is referring to three Blaxploitation heroes: Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and... cough cough... Jim Kelly. Hell that's enough stars for three Blaxploitation films! Well two good ones and... errrmmm... and a Jim Kelly one. Well does having three Blaxploitation heavy weights... errmm.... two and Jim Kelly, mean this will have three times the entertainment value? Not quite but it's a hell-of-an entertaining Blaxploitation piece of cheese that's for sure.Well we have some rich white bigots (typical of these genre films) who have an evil scheme up there sleeves... they want to release a disease into the water systems of three major cities that will only kill off the black population. Now it's up to three old friends (Brown, Williamson and... errrm... Kelly) to use their wits, firepower and biceps to crush these white bigots and save Browns girl.Director Gordon Parks Jr. broke out into the Blaxploitation genre with the hit "Super Fly" and he nails another home runner with "Three the Hard Way." He loads the film up with some great jive dialogue and kick ass senseless action scenes. He other words he makes this loads of fun. The most bizarre yet amusing sequences involves three dominatrix's hired by our three heroes to get a goon to talk and in turn end up killing him with a heart attack. God I loved that!The cast is the main attraction here as one would expect. Jim Brown and Fred Williamson play their typical blaxploitation hero types: Brown as the strong, silent type and Williamson as the mouthy, cocky smartass. Even Jim Kelly is far more stomachable than in his other outings in the genre, most notably the bloated "Black Belt Jones" and it's despicable sequel "Hot Potato". The acting is below par but no-one ever accused these guys for being good actors.The plot is definitely out there.... I mean rich white bigots trying to kill off the world's population of blacks with a disease is pretty controversial and would never fly in today's cinema. This is the early seventies and it's all in good Blaxploitation fun so don't take the plot to heart.The cast is a Blaxploitation fans dream come true and it's a damn shame Brown and Williamson didn't do very many movies together (Forget about Kelly). Sure the acting can be deplorable at times but these are cult, genre films and in this case the bad acting adds to the charm of the film. This may not be Blaxploitation at its most respectable but it sure is one of the most entertaining. You can't tell me a film with martial arts, gun play, tough guy posturing, afros, a comic book tone and a plague killing plot can't be somewhat fun. For mindless fun "Three the Hard Way" is worth the price of admission.

Sterlin R (mx) wrote: When this first came out, I loved it a lot. Now, I think it isn't great but it is good. It does have a good story and animation, but it just isn't as good as Monsters Inc or The Incredibles.Nonetheless, it is worth watching.