For a Few Dollars Less

For a Few Dollars Less

A bank clerk and his cousin, a "general", join forces to track down a Mexican outlaw.

A bank clerk and his cousin, a "general", join forces to track down a Mexican outlaw. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nico S (es) wrote: Not as original or as fun as the first one, some laughs here and there but nothing laugh out loud or as smart as the jokes in the first. If you're into some slapstick comedy and unity legend jokes, you'll enjoy this.

Justin S (fr) wrote: Engaging, poor voices across the board.

Stephen F (mx) wrote: I love vampires. I love Lesbians.I don't love amateur documentary style cinematography. I guess it all evens out.

Devin M (ru) wrote: Fantastic dark comedy about two hit men who must flee to the Belgian city of Bruges and deal with the fallout from a botched job. Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell brilliantly portray two men who become quite close despite the fact that they are, in a sense, each other's foil. The absolute greatest quality of this movie is its masterful mixture of dark and deep seriousness with thought-provoking, witty humor. Combining real and sincere meaning with lightheartedness is not easy to pull off, but by centering the plot around some profound ideas, the movie becomes a powerful synthesis of these opposing concepts.The film is also quite poetic and thematic without being pretentious or convoluted. The humor does not distract from the serious aspects of the movie, and it does not merely serve as comic relief. Rather, it cleverly focuses the audience's attention on the main messages of the movie. The plot itself is interesting enough for a great movie. Although it gets just a bit improbable in the end, the story is interesting and smart enough to make up for this slight stretch of reality. Overall, the wonderful performances by Gleeson and Farrell, the engrossing story, and witty dark humor made this one of those great movies that left me breathless at the end--both because I was deeply captivated and because I had laughed so much.

Robert L (ag) wrote: ...depressing & informative

Akeem A (au) wrote: Yeah this movie reminded me so much of Saw.. I found myself in an awkward position at the end of the movie when I discovered why Eddie was being tortured.. One mind kept saying he deserved it while another kept saying he did not deserve it. Either way, some parts of the movie just didn't make sense including the lady at the bar and her phone number.. as well as the guy who rescued him in the desert. I think the plot could have been far better!

Brendan C (de) wrote: Although it is plagued by awful status quo Star Wars prequel dialogue, Revenge of the Sith ultimately tells a very intriguing story of how the fear of loss can drive good people to do terrible things. There are a lot of great moments of emotional tension in this film, as well as some excellent story telling techniques. Although the performances in this film are mostly bland, there are also some very good ones, in particular by Ewan McGregor and Ian McDiarmid. The movie is strongest when it relies on visual story telling that is enhanced by John Williams' fantastic score.

John A (mx) wrote: Cynthia Rothrock Takes On Murderer, Rapist, And Martial Artist Don Niamo, In Undefeatable. Rothrock stars As Kristi Jones, An Underground MMA Fighter & Waitress Who must Go After Her Sisters Killer.This Film Is Slightly Better Than "Honor & Glory", Which Was Made By The Same Cast And Crew As This Actioner, This Film Is Not As Slow, But Directed Exactly The Same Way (Same Director), With The Film Being Badly Made With A Bad Script, Technically A Chinese Film, Filmed In The English Language & Is Quite An Enjoyable Martial Arts Movie.

Ben C (gb) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are back in this fun comedic action flick. In this sequel there is a corrupt South African diplomat who is actually an illegal smuggler. When they try to arrest him he reveals that he has diplomatic immunity. So Riggs and Murtaugh are assigned to witness protection duty, but when they learn that their witness has dealt with the smugglers their troubles begin. I enjoyed the sequel more than the first, it has better comedy than the first Lethal Weapon due to the inclusion of Joe Pesci in this film. Overall another fun action comedy.

David G (kr) wrote: This movie shows the horrors of the Argentinean military regime and its dictators. How the students were repressed, disappeared and tortured in a way that it's shocking! Watch and understand some of the horrors of the latinoamerican regimes of the 20th. century. There was absolutely no freedom of speech or action to these poor kids. RIP guys and I can only say: You were unbelievable brave!

Michael W (nl) wrote: Thieves converge on a prototype car carrying a vital tape. Tommy Lee and Jaeckal always plusesr plus a screenplay by John Carpenter. Maybe the biggest mistake was having this amazing car parked in a warehouse most of the film.

Vien I (ag) wrote: ever lasting movie....bikin mata gue bengepp!!

Francisco S (fr) wrote: Despite its formulaic plot and its lack of interest at the firsts 25 minutes, One Chance counts with delightful performances that with the help of the beauty footage will please the most part of the spectators, or mostly opera fans.

Kristin B (ag) wrote: Chris Messina steals the show as a living statue street performer with a heart of gold. Great watch for anyone with a love of indie rom coms (as much as I hate to describe them as such).

Matthew A (es) wrote: KES. Plain and simple: A MASTERPIECE.A powerful, memorable work of art. One that might even change your life.The film is not perfect in every detail, yet it's a masterpiece nonetheless. It's authentic. It's unpredictable. It's completely unsentimental, yet very moving. It evokes empathy. It leaves you feeling more alive. KES is an unforgettable cinematic experience because it does what very few films even try to do: it gives you a glimpse of the soul, the incorruptible SOUL.