For a Fistful of Diamonds

For a Fistful of Diamonds

Once upon a time, a briefcase full of diamonds purchased by French Mobster Dede Fratelini were headed to its owner in Paris via Las Vegas, but the diamonds inconveniently disappeared somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert. A ruthless killer on his way to prison escapes captivity and intercepts the briefcase by killing the carrier and hijacking his car. His ex-girlfriend Tatiana and her current lover Buitre foil his plans, disabling him. Now, FBI agent Franco Valle has to recover the diamonds and retrace their path, proving to be a complicated, and at times comical, task.

Once upon a time, a briefcase full of diamonds purchased by French Mobster Dede Fratelini were headed to its owner in Paris via Las Vegas, but the diamonds inconveniently disappeared ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth V (es) wrote: A great doc. The creators of the NYSF production of MOTHER COURAGE in the Park provide valuable insight regarding Bertolt Brecht's work. Meryl Streep's commentary is especially extraordinary in the film. The portrait of Brecht's life is flowery and informative. I was hoping to see more depth regarding the playwright as a contradiction in his own life, and to have those dramatic drops of shrewdness enlighten the audience. A must see and must have dvd if you love Brecht and Streep!

MickTesso O (ru) wrote: Better than the piece of shit that Shrek 3 was.

Larry C (ag) wrote: Billy Bob Thorton is disgusting

Sean G (br) wrote: Cool story - slice of life film. Set in the 70's. Written by one of the Farrely Bros, but not directed. Kick ass soundtrack.

Kyle B (nl) wrote: I loved it as a kid!

Mike K (ca) wrote: The best part would definitely be the chase scene down that gravel road...

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LaBria W (ca) wrote: The Ending Was Sad , But I Really Love This Movie!