For a Good Time, Call...

For a Good Time, Call...

College "frenemies" Lauren and Katie move in together after losing a relationship and rent control, respectively. Sharing Katie's late grandmother's apartment in New York City, the girls bicker with each other until one fateful night, when Katie's noisy bedroom activities make Lauren barge in and discover a dirty little secret. This revelation brings them closer together, and Lauren (the brains) and Katie (the talent) concoct a wildly successful business venture. As profits swell, the girls reevaluate their hopes and dreams and realize that just because someone pees in your hair in college doesn't mean she won't be your best friend 10 years later.

Former college frenemies Lauren and Katie move into a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment, and in order to make ends meet, the unlikely pair start a phone sex line together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew O (es) wrote: How fitting for Jeremy Irons (Scar from Lion King) to narrate majestically a magnificent, violent and tear jerking story of Ma di Tau "Mother of all lions"

Jack O (de) wrote: 44 inch chest, really funny comedy drama. That had me burst out laughing because there are alot of scenes that made me laugh. One is that Ray Winstone saying to the french waiter that I bet she's never farted in front of you and second that had me laughing in tears is that he said 'And you're smiling like fxxx, because you know it's gonna please her'. Now I know what you thinking, it's not like somebody's cutting someone's ear off, just like in Resivour Dogs.

Wesley B (kr) wrote: I quite like these dark comedies.

ric C (jp) wrote: Bon film, scnario intressant. Pas un incontournable, mais a vaut le cot d'tre vu au moins une fois dans sa vie !

Rafael B (de) wrote: it's okay compared to the other alvin & garfield moviessome enjoyable scenes, and it's a bit fun to watch

Patrick C (it) wrote: An interesting movie that ended up getting lost in what it wanted to be. At times it felt that it was a horror film, a thriller, a tale of the darkness inside all men, loaded with Christ imagery and allusions. Well acted and shot, the problem became that the story didn't piece together well. It was almost as if they had shot four films with the same actors with four different story lines and then mixed them all up in the final edit. Perhaps a director's cut would help or maybe they ran out of money and had to go with scenes "as is" instead of reshooting for story continuity.

Camille L (it) wrote: Hormis le fait que le film soit absolument inappropri pour les entomophobes, Nausica de la Valle des Vents pose surtout problme dans son exposition longue comme un jour sans pain et particulirement lente et avec son personnage principal extrmement agaant (elle semble tre atteinte du syndrome "je parle constamment toute seule pour expliquer tout ce que je fais, mme quand j'ouvre une porte"). Heureusement, le film est visuellement splendide et reprend un peu de poil de la bte dans sa deuxime partie, bien plus pchue et sympathique, avec quelques squences plutt efficaces. Le score de Joe Hisaishi oscille entre le trs bon et le trs dat, mais reste d'une qualit suprieure.

Toni H (ca) wrote: I used to watch this alot with one of my former patients. It brings back memories that I will treasure.

Allan C (mx) wrote: John Ford is my favorite American director, but this one, although good, is a mixed bag. Woody Strode is a US Cavalry soldier accused of murder. The story unfolds in flashbacks at his court martial, with Jeffrey Hunter as his defense lawyer. Ford pushed Hollywood boundaries by tackling racism towards African Americans in the midst of the civil rights movement, but the film ironically continues the racist Hollywood tradition of portraying Native Americans as inhuman savages. Ford actually took care to portray Native Americans in a better light than most filmmakers of the time, but it's a portrayal that would hardly be considered progressive by today's standards and feels especially out of place in this film considering the subject matter. The other aspect of the film that doesn't quite work is the out of place comedy that is sprinkled throughout the film. Still, it's an engaging story and I really did not know how the film was going to end. Woody Strode is great and probably would have been a much bigger star if he'd been making film 40 years later. It's very cool to see an African American in the lead of a Hollywood film, which is something that rarely happened in this era. It's also always great to see Ford filming in Monument Valley. Constance Towers and Hank Worden also appear in the film.

David M (mx) wrote: Amazing movie! Tremendous performances all round.