For Heaven's Sake

For Heaven's Sake

The Uptown Boy, J. Harold Manners (Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Ralston) who works in Brother Paul's (Weigel) mission. In order to build up attendance, and win Hope's attention, Harold runs through town causing trouble, and winds up with a crowd chasing him right into the mission. He eventually wins the girl and they marry, but not without some interference from his high-brow friends.

The Uptown Boy, J. Harold Manners (Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Ralston) who works in Brother Paul's (Weigel) mission. In order to build up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne S (es) wrote: Miles Teller is such a damn good actor! Aaron Eckhart is superb! I wish the movie had a better sound track! John Williams would have taken this movie to Oscar level!

Kevin R (fr) wrote: She died a violent death.David Marks is the son of a famous and rich father of a law firm. David wants a different life that is more simple and he marries a beautiful simple girl that is down for whatever he is down with. David does not want a family and is eventually pulled back into the family business. His wife starts to crack and so does their relationship."Late. Always late. Anyone who didn't know you would think you're busy."Andrew Jarecki delivers All Good Things in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and well done in a Gone Girl kind of way. The movie is intense and the evolution of the characters is very well portrayed. The cast delivers awesome performances and includes Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Lily Rabe, and Frank Langella."We're just the custodians. This guy owns the place." I came across this on Netflix and had to add it to my queue. This was better than I anticipated and I am a little surprised this is rated so low on Rottentomatoes. This isn't as good as Gone Girl, which is elite in the genre, but this is just a hair down. I recommend seeing this."I agreed to go into the family business."Grade: B+

kyo 9 (it) wrote: A very good and strong message to those delinquents out there..I hope they realizes all the pain and suffering of the road they are on fast enough before their family go to their funeral..

Thomas J (fr) wrote: Interesting, thought-provoking film noir with a sci-fi twist. The acting isn't outstanding but the cast is competent, and the film is stylishly shot. This does require that viewers pay attention, so keep that in mind. Well worth watching.

Cameron F (nl) wrote: It tries to make light of dark subjects.

Brandon Vincent T (au) wrote: I actually quite enjoyed this movie. Emma Roberts is a beautiful actress that sweetens up every movie.

Camille L (us) wrote: Apres un etonnant premier opus, La Famille Foldingue se pose comme une solide suite, tout aussi chaleureuse et drole que son aine. Eddie Murphy y est imperial et s'impose une nouvelle fois comme un excellent gentil nigaud et un impressionnant mechant detestable. Autour de lui, seul Larry Miller parvient a exister. Pas indispensable, mais sacrement sympathique, La Famille Foldingue est l'exemple meme d'une suite reussie.

Christopher C (fr) wrote: It was better than the previous one. Nothing new in terms of content but it was fun to watch. Some scenes were funny and some weren't so funny.

Yves C (ag) wrote: I recently watched, after a 30 year hiatus, O, Lucky Man!? In it, the British Rocker Alan Price and his band play the role of Greek Chorus to the narrative. The movie is still as crazy as I remembered it, but this time around I think I "got it" in a way I didn't back in the 70's. The sound track by Alan Price: listen to the lyrics and how he and the band are "the Greek Chorus" to the storyline of the protoganist losing and recapturing his innocence. Think "Candide" by Voltaire transposed into Post-Industrial England....

Misty F (ca) wrote: Although I love Vivien Leigh, this movie just was not one I would call my favorite.

Brian B (ag) wrote: Excellent! Four stars hands down! Terrific plot with unexpected twists. An all star cast with the beautiful Aisha Tyler and Kevin Bacon. Refreshingly original. Go see it!

Chris C (gb) wrote: Arguably the best horror sequel in the history of horror sequels. This picks up right where the original left off without missing a beat. The entire storyline takes place during the same Halloween evening, with killer Michael Myers continuing on with his murderous rampage. Even though this was made three years after the original, the actors and actresses from the first, who reprise their roles here, look exactly the same. One possible exception being Jamie Lee Curtis, who had cut her hair short in the interim between the two films and had to wear a wig to match her hairstyle from the original. The robot-like Myers gets creative with his methods of murder, from stabbing, and throat slicing, to exsanguination and deep-frying in a hydrotherapy tub (which should earn Pamela Susan Shoop the "best breasts' award for the entire Halloween franchise). Of course, they also had to get "creative" with Halloween III and take some liberties with subsequent entries into this franchise, but those are for other reviews. If you're looking for the definitive horror films to watch on Halloween night, watch this one back-to-back with the original and you can't go wrong. (My review is also at Amazon)

Gustavo G (au) wrote: A creepy, thought provoking film that aims to terrify the young ones and thrill the older crowd. Paranorman succeeds in its endeavor to create a horror animated film without losing the charm or laughs the public expects.

Michael R (gb) wrote: Wtf...It's Like Waco Meets Dogma...

Greg W (nl) wrote: very funny comedy of mistaken identity

Chris H (es) wrote: The first two acts of the film are serviceably entertaining but the third act is such complete garbage that it becomes almost unwatchable.

Lisa F (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie. I wasn't bored for a moment. If you could get past the somewhat perhaps predictable storyline and just get into the history of this madness, you will not be disappointed. 2 hours of my life well spent!