For Love and Gold

For Love and Gold

A group of rogues steal a scroll granting its bearer the property of the land of Aurocastro in Apulia (south of Italy). They elect a shaggy knight, Brancaleone from Norcia, as their leader, and decide to get possession of this supposedly wealthy land. Many adventures will occurr during the journey.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Italian,Latin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   pirate,   castle,  

A group of misfits, headed by an incompetent knight named Brancaleone, set out to reach the small town of Aurocastro so that their leader can take possession of the fief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damien R (fr) wrote: Yes! It's in English!

Happy T (it) wrote: Here is the thing about the VHS movies, they are effectively a demented version of The Outer Limits. They can be clever and even a bit scary but they don't over stay their welcome and try to show you something new.

Holly W (ru) wrote: The change in animation studios between the movie and the series has definitely taken its toll, as a result the animation in the movie is garish and cheap. Watch the series, and then watch 'The After Story'. This is one anime in which the series is infinitely better - a tear jerker.

Helena M (de) wrote: No good. Waste of time.

Carly J (br) wrote: I hate racism :[ Leelee has always been a good actress in my eyes and in this movie she is freaking scary! Her acting is so intense. I learned a bit of history watching this and now I hate racism even more!

Jorge Eduardo S (it) wrote: A bad film that didn't give me laughs

Dustin D (nl) wrote: The Vanishing is as twisted as it is brilliant. Not recommended if there is anyone you love in your life.

Brian P (es) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Peter F (us) wrote: Plenty of well thought-out scenes, but the overall plot is a little uninspired.

Michael S (jp) wrote: I'll probably need to give this another watch down the road but something about it just never clicked for me. It seemed to indulgent at times and even though I love Godard as a person, his movies always have this cool detachment that makes it hard for me not to think of them as movies. They feel more like projects, each designed with a ton of craftsmanship but not a whole lot of soul. The films meta and literary parallels got a bit on my nerves after a while. Still not a bad film and a very intriguing one from certain aspects. It just never came together for me the way I hoped it would.

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Haytham K (es) wrote: "Demetrius and the Gladiators" is one of the greatest of all gladiator films, much better than the silly and boring Russell Crowe's "Gladiator". Film highlights: Jay Robinson's flamboyant portrayal of the mad Emperor Caligula, and Susan Hayward's wonderful performance as the amoral temptress Messalina.

Morgan H (mx) wrote: It's just hard to get over the white people made-up to be Asian. Otherwise a very interesting film. I enjoyed the extra feature which documented the real Anna more than the movie. Also "The King and I" uses the exact same dialog from this movie.

James H (de) wrote: Sprawling and well produced western depicting the Western movement in the US during the 1800's. Not very inspired, but entertaining. A decent cast does an adequate job. Fritz Lang's direction helps.

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Moriah F (us) wrote: Ha! He did his Rumple bit for a second in a scene. I'm happy.