For Love of the Game

For Love of the Game

A baseball legend almost finished with his distinguished career at the age of forty has one last chance to prove who he is, what he is capable of, and win the heart of the woman he has loved for the past four years.

Forty-year-old pitcher Billy Chapel is practically a dinosaur by professional baseball standards, fast approaching the end of his career. After a bad season, just before he is about to start in what could be his final game, his girlfriend tells Billy that she's leaving him...for good. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (it) wrote: An ambitious and violent epic. The most expensive Taiwanese film made so far, Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale is pretty much Avatar without the science fiction aspects. Its a bit of Apocalypto, a little bit of Braveheart, and little bit Pocahontas/Last of the Mohicans.I watched the uncut version, which is roughly 4.5 hours in length. Divided into two parts, the movie is a bit overlong since it has so many characters. The first half is the Japanese invasion of the island, and the subsequent enslavement of the natives. The second half is them fighting back.The only thing I can commend about this movie is the setting. There is lots of beautiful jungle used on location and it looks vibrant.The movie is soaked in melodrama, with one dimensional cannon fodder villains. At times it gets a bit ridiculous in the action scenes because the Japanese soldiers are slaughtered in droves and never fight back.The violence get a bit tiresome, as it could have used some better pacing. Instead it just had really long battle scenes with lots of people from both sides getting shot or decapitated.Perhaps the International 2.5 hour cut was better. But I thought it was a nicely made movie, just a bit too one sided in the perspective department and the character development.

Margot S (mx) wrote: A true pleasure to watch Hoffman's film again. An excellent film, historically brilliant, emotionally balanced (not sentimental). Individual plot very nicely and skillfully interwoven with the historical events!

(kr) wrote: Cast: Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, Melonie Diaz, Douglas Smith, Katrina Begin, Leighton Meester, Charles Chen, Sunny Doench, Shahine Ezell, Lyndsy Fonseca, Max Hoffman Director: Jess ManafortSummary: This dramedy follows a group of suburban teenagers during their last 24 hours of high school. Sex, drugs, coming out, drinking and parental pressure are on the agenda as the 1999 grads face the big question, What next? Alexa Vega, Amber Heard, Leighton Meester, Melonie Diaz and Douglas Smith star in this film by writer-director Jess Manafort, an official selection of the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival.My Thoughts: "The film has every cliche character there can be. The cheerleader, the goody two-shoes, the gay kid, the gangster, the emo punk band, the rapper, eager to be cool freshmen, the jock, the dropout, the bad girl, the stoner, and the odd man out. I'm sure there are more but you get the point. The movie is kinda all over the place with its story-line, but the movie is funny at times and a fun movie to watch. You won't be bored."

Tommy See the Treasure S (us) wrote: So this movie has taken something of a thrashing from the critics so I feel compelled to defend it. Well, not really, but I will say that it's actually quite decent. It's not particularly ground-breaking and it's not without its flaws but it's a pretty honourable take on a well-worn tale of lust, sin and morality. For those who aren't in the know, the movie is based on Emile Zola's classic gothic-romance story 'Therese Raquin.' For some reason, although it's a very literal adaptation of the novel, they've opted for the original and pretty lame title: 'In Secret.' Interestingly enough, Zola's novel also inspired Park Chan-Wook's vampire horror movie (although the story is sadly devoid of vampires) 'Thirst'. This should give you some idea of the kind of tone that dominates this movie. This is a dark and sensual look at what humans are capable of doing in order to fulfil their desires, and the price to pay for our transgressions. Essentially it is a very traditional moral fable, in which a sense of tragedy and gloom is inevitable. Elizabeth Olsen plays Therese, a woman who at a young age comes to live with her Aunt, Madame Raquin(Jessica Lange), and her sickly cousin, Camille(Tom Felton). Living out her quiet life in the countryside, Therese is treated with only the most superficial kindness by her aunt, who prefers to dote upon her darling son. It is also Therese's duty to nurse and take care of her ill cousin. When Therese reaches maturity, she finds herself resenting the lifestyle which was so unjustly thrust upon her when she was a child. When it is proclaimed by her aunt that she is to marry Camille she is not surprised but visibly upset. Without the feeling that she has any alternative, Therese reluctantly enters into a repressed and sterile marriage with Camille. However, things radically change for Therese when she, her aunt, and her husband move to Paris, and they are introduced to a charming and enigmatic stranger named Laurent(Oscar Isaac). Therese seizes upon her chance to escape her inert life by entering a wild, passionate affair with Laurent. Things take a dark turn when, after weeks of secret trysts, Therese and her Parisian lover begin to contemplate how much easier things would be if Camille were out of the picture. First-time director Charlie Stratton does a good job in capturing the gothic atmosphere of Zola's novel and retaining the broad elements of the narrative. He portrays the French capital as a very bleak, misty place; the place which would bring about Therese's tragic fall from grace. He also succeeds in depicting the novel's playful sense of humour. The story more than a little mischievous in how it deals with Therese's blooming sexuality. In one scene she observes, moon-eyed, a topless stranger scything the country fields, a scene which evidently stirs her loins. There are other scenes in which humour and eroticism are playfully combined, such as when Laurent manages to conceal himself from Madame Raquin by crouching beneath Therese's Victorian hoop dress. Such moments of silly, bawdy comedy are not unwelcome in a movie where heavy themes of morality and guilt are prevalent. Elizabeth Olson solidifies her reputation as one of the most promising young actresses working today. She is one of those actresses, a bit like Samantha Morton or Emily Watson, who can easily convey a strong emotion without uttering so much as whisper. She gives a very three-dimensional and complex performance here, successfully capturing the various nuances of Therese's Raquin's character- from her resentment at her inert lifestyle, to her innocent desire to break into carnality, to her later remorse and guilt as a result of her wicked actions. Unsurprisingly, Oscar Isaac(who was so good in last year's 'Inside Llewyn Davis') has little difficulty in portraying a self-centred and charismatic Parisian lover. Tom Felton(who's probably best known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies) is very good as the clueless and anaemic Camille. It is Jessica Lange, however, who steals the show as the somewhat unnerving Madame Raquin, who in the later stages of the movies seems kept alive only by her own scorn. These characters are all morally complex and difficult to pin down. As with the novel the story's heroine is alternately sympathetic and despicable. Few won't feel some degree of pity for her in the early scenes where she seems a tragic victim of circumstance, but many will probably find themselves losing sympathy for her as the story progresses. I found her to be an invariably interesting heroine. All in all this is a very fine and faithful, albeit unspectacular, adaptation of a classic story.

Desiree H (es) wrote: bad acting. not realistic

Jack B (jp) wrote: nasty ending, not too realistic- definate point of view.

Johan A (kr) wrote: Mycket rolig och uppfinningsrik film om en hxa (Lake) frn 1600-talet, som tervnder fr att hmnas p ttlingarna till dem som brnde henne p bl. Skriven av Thorne Smith, mannen bakom bckerna och filmerna om Topper, och minst lika rolig som de bsta Topper-filmerna. Elegant regi av Ren Clair, och snygga specialeffekter.

Elia D (ag) wrote: It doesn't matter how many Errol Flynn movies were historically inaccurate like this one is. He is still awesome in all of them, this one is no exception. This last film that he did with DeHavilland is a really great war film, as well as a touching love story.

Alasdair B (mx) wrote: "The Retrieval'' is an independent film directed by Chris Eska, and is about a young boy and his uncle who serve some really bad men. Basically, they find black slaves, befriend them, and turn them in for pay. They work for bounty hunters. One day they come across Isaac (Alfonso Freeman). They take him with them under the pretense that they're going to visit his dying brother. As the film progresses, the boy develops a friendship with Isaac. I won't write a long review for this one. The acting is solid from all the cast members. It's really well directed and has some beautiful hand held cinematography. Despite the films low budget, it is still a great independent film. Its great to see someone take what they have and make something so simple yet so well made.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Want to see at some point in the future! A treat !