For Richer or Poorer

For Richer or Poorer

Brad Sexton and his wife, Caroline, are wealthy New Yorkers with both marital and financial problems. The latter issue becomes a pressing matter when they discover that their accountant has embezzled millions and pinned the blame on them. Forced to go on the lam, Brad and Caroline end up in an Amish area of Pennsylvania and decide to pose as members of the religious group to evade the IRS. As the two adapt to the simple Amish lifestyle, they begin to reconnect.

Brad Sexton and his wife, Caroline, are wealthy New Yorkers with both marital and financial problems. After being framed by their accountant, they hide from the IRS among the Amish where they've got to do their best to blend in, and learn how to love all over again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Catherine F (ag) wrote: The movie SNOWMEN is as entertaining as it is moving! This is the perfect family movie for the end of the year as the weather gets colder. It was fun seeing Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future!) AND the movie isn't all fluff - it touches on some profound points - which is nice for a change! The cast was compelling and I will definitely be taking my younger brothers and sisters to opening weekend!!

Dalton M (ru) wrote: Dark, wild, and furiously entertaining, with just enough quirk and humor to make it charming and quotable,this movie shows that the Syfy has potential to make more then B-movie blockbusters.Though the second act is a bit slow and the ending bittersweet ( particularly given the likeableity of this portrayal of Merlin ) as TV movies go ( particularly Syfy movies) this one packs enough humor, action, darkness and epicness to make this beastly book worth opening.

Andy S (ca) wrote: Decent performance by Eisenberg in this "just kind of there" film. Not bad, but certainly not interesting enough to warrant much more. Ari Graynor is very hot. The film just kind of ends without a very satisfactory conclusion. Meh..

Denise G (jp) wrote: I really liked it! Class of 99'

Robin E (nl) wrote: The companion piece to Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" tells the story of the taking of Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective, a group of desperate men who knew they had no chance of victory but also had the burden of not being seen to be dishonorable too. Eastwood's take on their side of the story is a reflective and deeply sympathetic one, and, like most of this director's latter-day films, it unfolds like a good novel. A harrowing one, superbly played, and viscerally exciting, the two films together make the definitive account of the brutal fight for one strategic little island.

Chris L (ag) wrote: Did not read the comic but movie is not bad. Highly stylized action with good fight scenes. Wish there was more background to the characters as it would've added to the movie but that would probably come from reading the comics

Teddy D (us) wrote: I've been raving to anybody who will listen about this movie. Werner Herzog proves to be a master at comedy, really strange and uncomfortable comedy. He makes us really feel that this is a legitimate expedition, in fact for the first while I really would not have known it was a mockumentary if it wasn't for my knowledge of Herzog (and a little bit about the film itself). The monster that they have at the end of the film is well done, not cheesy, and you only get a little glimpse which sends a shiver down my spine. Great story of a producer trying to make a low-budget movie into a Hollywood blockbuster, getting Werner to be the head of the expedition/director and conning the acclaimed director into doing what he wants. I love this movie, I watched it twice in a row the first time I saw it because it just catches me. Directed by Zak Penn, but Herzog had his hands in deep on this one.

Mike B (ca) wrote: The lead male character is a complete tosser. Good acting cos I started to hate the guy.

Angela U (es) wrote: Horribly depressing. The packaging mentions that the film is emotional yet humorous. I found nothing humorous about this film. I can see where they thought it might leave you with a smile but for me, not at all.

Susie M (mx) wrote: Wonderful film.... makes you wish you could get kissed like that by Jason Isaacs. very powerful scenes between Jason and Sofia. I wish more ppl would watch b/c it shows Jason can play a somewhat good guy.

Kelly K (jp) wrote: Classic story of most modern women's struggle to find love. There will be games, players, cheating, lying, desperation and heartache, but with some wisdom and strong friendships it will all be okay in the end. Worth seeing.

Justin F (ag) wrote: A simple message: we're all fuckin' clowns.

Daniel F (ag) wrote: I can certainly tell that most of the movie reviewers here have no idea ( and havent even studied ) what the "real" manhattan project was. I have been at 5 nuclear weapons complexes and filmed over 200 hours of footage, and have studied the subject for over 15 years. I can tell you that this film ranks as one of my favorites. Sure, there are SMALL excetions like Szliard didn't meet General groves in a hotel bathtub ( which in my opinion made him look like a homosexual - which he wasn't ), but all that aside, the sets are VERY much like the real project. And although he's passed on, I do have to say that Roger Eberts take on the movie is SERIOUSLY FLAWED....throughout all of the film all the characters struggle with the issue of what happens if we make this thing work...just as the scientists that I've interviewed from the 1st Chicago Pile did when Enrico Fermi, Al Wattenburg, and the rest knew when they saw the pile would self-sustain back in the early 40's. I have certainly learned from these POOR reviews NEVER to trust a movie critic !!!!

Linda N (ca) wrote: Fun film. Excellent visual study of lighting (Cinematographer Jack Cardiff). Wayn is great. Loren is beautiful. I always enjoy Brazzi's performances.

Niko Z (nl) wrote: It's almost the same kinda thing that the first movie had, but this sequel seems a bit more exciting, funnier and it did had the nice Christmas feeling in it.

Sterlin R (au) wrote: I actually did not mind this sequel. I liked how they tried something different and it actually worked.The only problem I had was this movie felt more of a heist/crime movie than a comedy. But nonetheless, it is a solid sequel and a good way to end the trilogy.

Donna S (ca) wrote: Not as good as The Waterboy, Anger Managment, or Happy Gilmore. Was very funny in places but also abit crude but definately a must see if ur an Adam Sandler fan.. Ok lets go! lol

James U (it) wrote: This movie was surprisingly good with Bradley Cooper dominating in the role of Adam Jones. He is the driving force behind the movie and he does so very very well with only a few small instances where I felt his character went a bit too far. A clash in the kitchen between Adam and Helene, played by Sienna Miller, went a bit too far and felt as if its resolution was too easily passed over which paints Adam in an extremely negative light. It feels as if the movie buries Adam early on and it takes quite some time for him to turn around, too long for some I'd imagine. Daniel Bruhl as Tony is truly wonderful to watch as he really does carry the good soul in this movie. The cast of cooks are actually quite good and their acting inside of the kitchen feels like that of a busy London restaurant, a video on the DVD goes into depth about their training by real chefs. It seems to have paid off. As a side note I wonder why Uma Thurman as Simone Forth was incredibly underused while Emma Thompson does very well as Dr. Rosshilde dropping a few lines of wisdom. At time it would feel as if too many things are going against Adam but it is at this point that the movie takes a turn and things start going his way. Its a least worth a DVD rental.