For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner

Emeryville: population 73,250, including one feared serial killer on the loose who carves the number 13 into his victims’ chests. Sara is home alone on a stormy night when there is a knock at the door. Andrew, a real estate consultant, has stopped by regarding the sale of her house. Problem is, the house isn’t for sale. Against her better judgment, she grants Andrew shelter from the rain. But tension builds as Andrew, talking about his impending custody battle for his daughter, becomes more and more agitated. Sara finds herself in possible peril, until there is another knock at the door. John, a scripture-quoting home security technician, has stopped by to fix a fuse. But he may not be all he seems when a knife is found in his bag. Cautious cat-and-mouse play ensues as the trio tries to determine just who the true threat is, while a surprise twist leaves you wondering just who it is that really needs to be saved …

On a stormy night, with a serial killer on the loose, Sera invites a stranger who could be a serial killer . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


For Sale by Owner torrent reviews

Jenny L (de) wrote: Anybody prepares to vote in Nov. should see this movie.

Josh M (gb) wrote: Real life stories, Such a shame.

Eric R (fr) wrote: I'm surprised only 15% of the viewers liked this. This is a classic horror film. Well written, well acted...if you like old fashion ghost stories/psychological thrillers, this is a gem.

Zachary S (it) wrote: Ridiculous plot aside, this is a really fun movie to watch and reminds me a lot of the heist movies I enjoyed growing up. The actors are all good (not great, but good) and for the mystery alone it's worth the price of admission. For a fun summer movie that's not too deep or dark, this one's worth seeing.

Jake Z (au) wrote: HARD EIGHT (or, Sydney) has been overshadowed a bit by PTA's later efforts, but it remains a striking debut film. The performances, especially that of Philip Baker Hall and a truly frightening Samuel L. Jackson, both deserving of Oscar nominations, are unforgettable. Philip Seymour Hoffman also shows up for one of the most memorable cameo performances I've ever seen, I miss that man. There is obvious talent in every frame, a calling card for the brilliance that would come later on.

Russ B (de) wrote: Not as good as the 1st one. 2/1/2012

Rodrigo D (fr) wrote: Risky movie to that time, good performance from Al and interesting course at the end

Andrejs P (au) wrote: things were perfect in the 50's/early 60's, right? watching this movie gives you a different perspective on the era and that things werent so perfect. within the lines of the movie you can get a whiff of the 60's and that yes, you actually dont have to do what everyone tells you.

Daniel T (au) wrote: A really frustrating film, with an overall disappointing ending. The story could have been one of hope and celebration, rather than a frustrating story mixing math challenges with mental challenges. In the end, the viewer is left with an emptiness and a bit of despair.

Joe M (fr) wrote: Awful. First the whole home movie/shot from phone perspective is totally overdone in this movie to the point of ridiculousness. Second, had no balance between suspense or gore, just didn't get it right in either direction. Fast forwarded through a lot of this movie.

Sylvia H (br) wrote: Re-watched and finally got all of the jokes. This movie was done very well and is 10000x better than Space Jam. Loved it!!

Muffin M (jp) wrote: Catherine (Gwyneth Paltrow) has devoted years to caring for her brilliant but mentally unstable father, Robert (Anthony Hopkins), a mathematical genius. But when his genius slips away, he leaves behind a mystery that affects her life...and her own sanity.also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope Davis, Roshan Seth, Gary Houston, Anne Whttman, Colin Stinton and Danny McCarthy.directed by John Madden.

Josh R (fr) wrote: I found myself eager to see what Mavis would do next, to win the guy over who is happily married. Charlize Theron plays this character perfectly. There's not one moment in here where she tries to change and become a better person and I totally appreciate that.Grade: B+