For the End of Time

For the End of Time

For the End of Time is about the mind, about the body and the inability to merge these two entities. Two entities which shape a form of civilization known under the name of 'human'. A human...

For the End of Time is about the mind, about the body and the inability to merge these two entities. Two entities which shape a form of civilization known under the name of 'human'. A human... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (au) wrote: Bien ralis, bien jou, super agrable. En plus, les dialogues sont savoureux et intelligents. Dans le genre, cinma ado-qui-s'adresse-tout-autant-aux-adultes c'est une jolie surprise. Irrvrencieux souhait, juste bravo!

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Underrated feel good buddy comedy that has some older Allied gents trying to save art masterpieces from the clutches of greedy opportunistic Nazi types. While uneven this Clooney love child has it's moments.

Nishlank J (nl) wrote: A much better experience than Kiarostami's last effort (Certified Copy). However, he should stick to Iran.

Tim W (ag) wrote: Did anyone else watch a version with a terrible hack job audio mix? Anyway, this did a good job evoking emotion from the audience. Best revenge film I've seen in a while. Incredibly dark, but satisfyingly violent. Caine makes a great vigilante. 7.5/10

Joshua C (de) wrote: I really loved this movie very funny

Andres A (br) wrote: OMG this movie's awesome...say what you want.

Adriano B (jp) wrote: Unbealiavably crappy monster flick... Can become a guilty pleasure, but need some effort and good disposition from the viewer...

Daniel A (fr) wrote: had a good story line till the ending. Note: at this point in her carrier, Kristen Stewart actually showed a promising blooming acting carrier....till twilight...

Justin S (ag) wrote: Dad was good, as well as ads from men on dating site. John acts like he can get women, ugly and a loser. Johns friend was best

Sreedhevi R (jp) wrote: An incredible insight into the mind of Kamal Hasan, who wields the director's baton. Post his acting pinnacle and pre-indulgent directing, this film is breathtakingly shot, accurately portrays a time period (right down to perfect Ananda Vikatan issues in the man's hands) and depicts riots so gruesome it rivals Mani's in Bombay. Surrealistic treatment which I believe went over the audience's heads at the time.

Jaden K (us) wrote: The jokes are hit or miss, but it is hilarious.Basically, Brno < Borat.

Richard S (au) wrote: I had a big crush on Billy Warlock back when we were both around 20 and he was on Days of Our Lives. This movie was made around that time, but remembering my attraction now makes me feel like a pedo. He looks so young!Anyway, that's not important. This is a pretty rotten movie, but so strange, so over the top, so clearly unconcerned with any mainstream notion of "quality," that I can't help but admire it. A little.

Chris C (br) wrote: Surprisingly fun and darkly entertaining, Killer Klowns From Outer Space delivers a solid cast and a creative premise that anchors a promising narrative that executes with style.

Bradyn B (ag) wrote: Being There: But Where, Exactly?Being There will make you wonder where you are and why you are there the whole time until at the end you finally understand. Hal Ashby (director) seems to manage to keep an ongoing joke last much longer than it needs to, to the point where you begin to question if finishing the movie is worth it at all. However, if you can stick around to the end, you will be left pleasantly surprised and feel surprisingly pleasant. Though different yet delightful, this film, with it's Academy Award and Golden Globe winning main character and Academy Award winning director, will have you thinking in a new transcendental way. Chance (Peter Sellers) is an unordinary gardener who has lived his entire life within the walls of his master's home. All he knows is what he has seen on television, which happens to be his favorite thing to do. When his master dies, he falls into the world unknown to him, that is, the everyday world that he has somehow avoided. He is picked up by Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), who, with the help of her dying husband Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas), introduces him to a world of wealth and power and politics, where his dimwitted, or brilliant, mind lead him to become a well respected and sought after man in Washington D.C. Ashby does not leave us disappointed with this film. He captures this repetitive joke that men in powerful positions are easily captured by Chance's advice, even though he is an illiterate gardener, to the point that he himself becomes considered to run for presidential office. Ashby keeps everything uncomplicated, however, just like Chance's character, as though the film itself is a representation of the lead role. He also portrays each scene very simply, yet frames it as though it were a work of classic art, very beautiful and captivating, yet a little tiring after a while. I have to say that Ashby took a bit of a risk with this film, after the somewhat recent release of Star Wars just two years before, the late 70's was all about Syfy and space, not somber, dark comedies. Even though the genre was not the most popular at the time, Ashby still managed to knock the socks off the audience.As Seller's last work, he keeps you entertained throughout and enlightens you at the end. His character is not the brightest of folks, yet influences important people from thinking he knows how to fluently speak Russian, to ways to run a country. He is the only thing that really keeps you intrigued throughout the entire movie because you do not expect him to become as influential as he does. He keeps you slightly on your toes, waiting to find out if his true identity and social status will emerge, leaving him back out on the street with only a suitcase and remote control. Above all other aesthetic categories of the film, Seller's excellent and engaging performance most definitely steals the show.

Red L (es) wrote: An old movie, but certainly worth watching. An inexperienced priest is sent to a remote Native community. The community teaches him a lot about life and death and the movie shows how Native and Christian cultures can co-exist. The movie is shot on location, and I was struck by how often we saw laundry drying on a line.

Mark D (gb) wrote: Barrymore and Lombard are great but the nonstop manic tone is a real grind.

Comicbknerd L (it) wrote: Guy Pierce and Sienna Miller were great in this movie. The ending is so sad!

David M (kr) wrote: So, apparently (teenage) aliens walk among us, hunted by a second set of aliens for reasons that are never fully explained.Such is the premise of 'I am Number Four', with the main protaganist as a teenager, who hides the secret that he is not really from this world and who is slowly discovering his powers (think Smallville!) in the small Ohio town of Paradise.Very much a sci-fi movie for the Twilight crowd, this is unfortunately not really all that gripping or exciting - not one I'd be looking out for again.

AJ G (nl) wrote: This film is great, I can't stop watching