For the Glory

For the Glory

The true-life story of professional soccer player, Kurt Kuykendall is told in this riveting drama starring Jason Burkey of "October Baby."

"Golden boy" Kurt Kuykendall (Jason Burkey) has it all: good looks, a spot on his college basketball team, and hopes for playing in the Olympics. But behind the closed doors of his Bethesda... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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For the Glory torrent reviews

Ryan A (ru) wrote: Honestly the worst item in the entire Ring franchise. And I've read Loop.

Roy C (de) wrote: Boy happens upon a lost robotic crab and takes it to live among other oddities.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Wish i could dad in the near future , leave everything and buy a Zoo somewhere...and find a new love , got me dreamin ...Great cast , great Animals ...beautifull story ! SOMDVD

Sakke K (fr) wrote: Has some good moments, but overall is a bit dull. Takes liberties with the story and not in the good way necessarily. Making Ed Gein a giant was a dumb decision, although Kane Hodder did a good job, the only thing is that Eddie wasn't a hulking giant.

Jeff N (ru) wrote: Having been a huge Jeff Garlin fan for years, especially after seeing him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I was surprised to see this little self-written and self-directed nugget from him and a similar band of improv's best in Sarah Silverman, Amy Sedaris, Richard Kind, Dan Castellaneta and quite possibly my favorite overall entertainer, Bonnie Hunt. The premise of the movie is real and precious. Knowing that he wrote this and the fact that his character's acting background seems very similar to his own acting background, I can't help but think this was rooted at some real-life feelings and experiences. It's an adorable, sometimes sad, view of love later in life. The ending was a bit sudden and took me off guard, but it was precious nonetheless.

Valerie B (ca) wrote: Very watch-able and enjoyable. I think my fav films may all be PG films ... sweet story without the children in it being too precocious.

Heri K (de) wrote: Skipped a lot of scenes when I watched it. Unbearably bad.

Carol H (it) wrote: A well-made and well-told indie film.

Stephen E (br) wrote: "Internal Affairs" has a strong start, but it quickly descends into pointless character development, boring melodrama, and an inevitable and abrupt conclusion. Richard Gere delivers a top-notch performance as the film's primary villain, but Andy Garcia often falls by the wayside with his monotonous and uncharismatic portrayal. As well, Mike Figgis tries to incorporate as much visual flair as possible, but "Internal Affairs" is just downright uninteresting.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Such an underrated film. This is a great twist on the characters, and the two leads are superb. The film itself doesn't go anywhere you don't expect, but there are plenty of chuckles along the way. Worth a watch.

Paul M (au) wrote: Nothing inherently bad here just nothing really new. Seemed more like a slightly edgier episode of some teenage supernatural series. CGI blood and no nudity, my 15 year old self would have been most disappointed. I get what they were trying to say about those very expectations but for me it was a nice idea not very well executed.

The V (br) wrote: Easily one of the worst of 2014. A man's penis leaves his body and takes on human form so that he can learn a lesson by not thinking with his penis all the time. The very idea is just begging to be riffed by the MST3K crew. Whoever greenlit this pile of poo should have their dick go missing as well.

J C (it) wrote: Robin Williams is the man. Excellent humour and even some more serious moments, which I was not expecting, but should've, given the setting and context of the film. Easy to tell that "Adrian" provides hope for the lads at war...he also provides that same hope to those who watch the film.

Andrew O (nl) wrote: A hilarious indie comedy that both mocks cinematic narrative while being unchained from it. Boldly venturing into strange territory, this is a movie that is certainly brave, but could always benefit from a few more risks.

TingTing W (es) wrote: It was kind of a boring movie...maybe the book was better?