For the Good of Others

For the Good of Others

Diego is a doctor so used to working in extreme situations that he has immunized himself to others' pain. He has switched off from his work, his partner and his commitment as a father. Over the course of a disturbing meeting, Diego is threatened with a gun. Hours later, he can only remember the sound of a bang and the strange feeling of having being hit with something more than a bullet. Diego has to take an irreversible decision which will affect his own life and that of his loved ones.

Diego is a doctor so used to working in extreme situations that he has immunized himself to others' pain. He has switched off from his work, his partner and his commitment as a father. Over... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (us) wrote: Matthew Hope??s film is sadly a bust, so hung up on a hushed, state-of-the-nation authenticity it just sits there, a fuse that keeps fizzing without fully igniting.

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Wayne G (us) wrote: Awful film, if you are a fan of the original film avoid this big time.

Rhiannon G (ag) wrote: I really liked it, but it was soooo sad towards the end :-(great acting, especially by Shue.

Cam E (it) wrote: This is an awful film. The first 2 Home Alone's were entertaining and they were also good. Home Alone 3 fails to impress without a doubt. I think people thought it was a good idea to make a third Home Alone film, and I thought so too until I realised that Raja Gosnell was directing it. He is an awful director and his worse films have got to be The Smurfs, along with this film. A lot of people disliked this film as it doesn't star Macaulay Culkin. Instead it stars Alex D Linz as the main character. And he is an awful actor, Macaulay Culkin's acting is a lot better. Home Alone 3 is just poorly directed, badly made and the jokes are just poor. I didn't find any of the jokes funny. If you are looking for a bad comedy then this is the one for you. If you want to see a great comedy then there is nothing for you here. God awful film with a poor plot, poorly written script and poor acting. What a complete joke

Matthew S (ru) wrote: A great bit of fun. Great comedic turns by all involved.

Jeremy P (it) wrote: Not as good as the first, despite the addition of Lo Lieh and Chen Kuan-tai to the original cast. Picks up after the first left off, addressing a major loose end, but adding in an evil ninja clan from Japan that wants to make their presence known. The title character is barely even the star anymore. They spend the first half hour just trying to find him, and later on, just like the original, he's severely injured and relies on others to heal him. Still a lot of fun, thanks to the craziness of the Fatal, Silkworm, and Phantom Skills.

(us) wrote: Pretty good movie for the classic songs, story, and the racing in the end, I really liked this classic movie.

Lucy H (fr) wrote: We saw this as part of the BFI Screwball movie season, it was so great to watch this classic old film with other movie buffs, it's a hilarious romp, and not dated really, people are the same now as they were then.

Jonathan B (es) wrote: I suppose that if you are going to convincingly portray one of the greatest violinists that has ever existed on screen then it makes sense to cast a violinist. David Garrett looks the part, all smouldering eyes and tousled locks but he lacks intensity in this highly questionable, fictionalised account of the life of the Italian maestro. Niccol Paganini was mobbed wherever he performed, the ladies would swoon and faint, try to steal locks of hair and many ended up in his bed. He was reputed to have sold his soul to the devil so amazing was his violin playing. In the movie, the music shines but the action is rather tedious at times with Garrett falling under the spell of the a Mephistopheles-like promoter Urbani (played by Jared Harris) who promises to make him the greatest performer that has ever lived. The couple embark upon a trip to England to perform at Covent Garden where they are helped by a British conductor. Joey Richardson portrays a very unlikely lady reported from the London Times who is after the scoop of her life. This plot line rather gets in the way and detracts from the central plot which is a shame. I wish they'd just concentrated on the music and magnetism of the central character as I think the movie would have been the better for it if they had.

Collin P (kr) wrote: There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece of filmmaking with beautiful cinematography, top notch performances and a unique, intriguing story even if it is a just a bit too long.