For the Love of Spock

For the Love of Spock

A documentary film about the life of Star Trek's Mr. Spock as well as that of Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr. Spock for almost fifty years, written and directed by his son, Adam Nimoy.

Actors William Shatner, George Takei, Simon Pegg and others discuss the lasting legacy of Leonard Nimoy and his iconic portrayal of Mr. Spock on the television series "Star Trek." It includes interviews with cast, crew and people connected with Star Trek, fans at conventions, as well as personal memories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


For the Love of Spock torrent reviews

Sveta S (ru) wrote: This was boring to me.

Kevin C (mx) wrote: Sooo much heart. Christopher Plummer is exceptional.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Creepy and dull, all at the same time. Slow, weird (in a bad way), with the main character being rather loathsome. So, really, nothing going for it.

Jeremy W (es) wrote: Nicely done, addressing the politically sensitive issue of illegal immigration/ refugees in Australia, including a solid performance from William McInnes,. Overall quality was undermined somewhat by a seemingly improbable and hurried ending.

Keny W (de) wrote: Great movie for sisters who fight:)

Elisabetta R (es) wrote: not the best in epical fantasy production...

Rachel L (jp) wrote: I know it's suposed to be this Doris Day film type thingie but I've seen alot of Doris Day films and this is just degrading. Plus I don't like Zellweger that much.

Gabriel Arthur P (mx) wrote: This was found several years ago in the Wal-Mart bargain bin, part of a collection of films. If this is B-grade, then it's one of those A-grade, A-list films that's been pigeonholed for some odd reason. There are some real gems, here. I don't know well enough to say whether the invention first appears here or in Hong Kong gangster cinema (the most likely earlier source) but the concept of a formalized martial art discipline called "Gun Kata" is pretty remarkable. That said, the movie's full of astounding fight work, nearly always mixed up with gun fighting (and involving swords when not.) The story is really intriguing and the world created to tell it is very convincing -- mostly by virtue of being very dull, with a palette of grey, black, blue-grey, white and metal, interrupted by washes of Van-Gogh yellows and outrages of red. The story involves a population sedated into perfect subordination by two factors: the mandatory daily injection of an emotion-suppressing pharmaceutical (in beautiful little yellow ampules), and the wholesale destruction of all works of art of every kind (wait til you see what they do to the Mona Lisa.) There are some damn fine digital effects, top quality costumes and props, amazing interiors (counterpart to perfectly dull sets), great camera and sound work, some amazing bits of dialogue with all-around stellar performances, and truly, truly poignant moments intensified by the emotionlessness of the world they occur in. I'm really not sure why this film ended up in a bargain-bin collection, as it really deserves to be a much more valuable property. Though I might be crucified for saying it, this is truly a post-modern classic. 5/5 stars.

Jack M (it) wrote: This movie was awesome. The violence was over the top (in a good way), the love scenes were believable and well-written, and the characters were all well-developed. The movie really examines human nature, for better or for worse.

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Mandela W (br) wrote: I was not surprised at the superb writing here in this Kubrick film. Kubrick brings his usual directing style here however it is fun to see tom cruise and Nicole kidman framed in these legendary shots that he does. First film of his that I've seen that doesn't deal with unique weird like characters. these are normal people set in an unusual world.through the acting, framing of shots, and editing you can feel the erotica in this movie. it explores so many themes of sexual desires, marriage, rituals. Kubrick explores the human psyche in this situation deeply and effectively.Nicole kidman and tom cruise give stellar performances. Cruise plays a curious doctor who comes face to face with dormant erotic desires that he tries to explore to its fullest extent. Once he sees what becomes of this it becomes a struggle and parnoia for him to keep things under control whiel the threat becomes greater. Cruise acted this out superblythe ceremony was really weird but hyponotic at the same time. sexy as well. that whole place is like a sex temple. It honestly makes 50 shades of grey seem like a pg movie like I was getting turned on by that not gonna conclusion I really enjoyed this final picture from Kubrick

Mikey M (jp) wrote: Slow yet fascinating character drama set against a stunning American desert location. It is odd to say the least, but that is part of the charm. Unfortunately, the film takes too long to get to the crux of the relationship between Jasmin and Brenda and the overall pace and structure suffers as a result.

Javier M (br) wrote: Sci-Fi and horror converging into a masterpiece!

Neven P (au) wrote: Wow give me back my two hours of my life.