For Those We Love

For Those We Love

In 1943, as Japan's WWII effort falters, a vice-admiral proposes training squadrons of "volunteer" flyers to crash their armed planes into Allied warships. Yarn follows the lives of kamikaze pilots, as remembered by an aging Kyushu restaurateur who cherishes their memory. Honoring the dead and multiple military anthems may stir the soul of some Japanese, but elsewhere auds will make a one-way trip for exits. Battle scenes are well-executed and script delivers some memorable scenes, but overall competent helming and thesping are powerless over writer-cum-Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishiara's repetitive storytelling. A post-war postscript adds considerable length to an already over-extended narrative. Tech credits are good quality.

Young Japanese pilots are trained to sink Allied warships by flying into them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ajk D (es) wrote: Just don't think or expect too much when watch it so it can give higher entertainment value

Alexandra N (es) wrote: Usually I can endure slow B movies but this was just awful. This doesn't even deserve a half star. Bad acting and bad effects. The actual cover is even misleading. Don't even waste your time.

Anneli S (mx) wrote: For a long time Renny Harlin has not done anything good, so did not have big expectations with this. But was better than I supposed. Samuel is always great.As a co-citizen it was nice to see Peter Franzen there; do not remember was there anything else Finnish put into movie, like Renny usually does.

brian r (jp) wrote: Brilliant Movie... very good photography,much of the scenes look like very contemporary art photography.. loved it.

Fran H (nl) wrote: Wow. It's like you're watching a gathering of socially inept nerds at a Star Trek convention. The acting is some of the worst I've seen in many years. The characters and dialog are pompous, annoying, unfunny, and socially inept. Just one example: when trying to figure out why the main character is suddenly leaving after 10 years at the university, one of the professors speculates that he just has "itchy feet" and needs to move on. And another replies with the knee-slapper "Y'know, there are over-the-counter cures for that now". Wow. And the unfunny, stilted, socially inept jokes just keep coming. The score is like something they downloaded from a website with free cheesy music. And the plot is totally contrived, with a group of university professors who just happen to represent the many facets of history and biology and art that are needed to discuss and dissect this guy's claims of a 14,000 year old background. And they blithely and pompously toss around detailed dissertations on the Pleistocene era and the history of the world while trying to act like they're just cool and funny people. Which they aren't. And the casting? Well, for one they have William Katt, whose claim to fame was the unwatchable 1980's TV comedy series "The Greatest American Hero", about an inept super hero. Or something like that. Anyway, it's B movie casting all the way. And no character development whatsoever, they just plop down a group of professors and start talking. Now the basic concept of a 14,000 year old guy is an interesting one, and that's about all the film has going for it. But unfortunately they took a cool concept and produced something that comes across as a bad 1970's B movie. "The greatest science fiction movie of the decade"?? Wow, I must have watched a different "Man From Earth".

Galen A (jp) wrote: Troy Duffy is one of the most unlikeable people I have ever seen. I just watched this with seething hatred for him and was glad he lost everything.

butch h (mx) wrote: This intimate documentary follows five homeless children in Romania, where the collapse of communism has led to a life on the street for 20,000 children. From a 16-year-old girl who runs her gang with a mixture of brutality and compassion, to a small, intelligent, and remarkably articulate 12-year-old boy, these children seem at first feral and frightening--yet over the course of the movie their loneliness, desperation, and glimpses of hope will transform how you perceive them. Make no mistake: this is difficult watching. As Children Underground explores the meager state resources to support these children and follows some of the children back to their difficult families, the scope of the problem becomes larger and more irresolvable. But this documentary offers an unblinking and deeply compassionate insight into the extremes of human existence; you will not forget it easily.

Jane L (de) wrote: Powerful, moving story of a woman suffering from ovarian cancer. Emma Thompson was awesome.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: An Alien invasion has kidnapped humanity, analyzed the colective constructs of its individual memories that lend each a personal soul, learned to purify & mix & match at will for reimplantation to discover how that soul can save their collectively conscious but individually souless race.Dark moody dreamscape molded at will by their collective focus of creative imaginary will.

Matt C (ag) wrote: A film that tried so hard to be deep, yet seemed shallow throughout.

Mark A (kr) wrote: Very entertaining, and quite funny, treatment of a not so funny situation. Joseph (Eric Stoltz), Frank (Craig Sheffer), and Sarah (Meg Tilly) are three friends whose relationship gets complicated when Joseph and Sarah marry and Frank confesses his love for Sarah. The main story is a tragedy of the first order. What makes it funny are all the side stories going on with the supporting cast. And a talented cast it is. Pain and confusion drive the main story, while confusion and deep philosophical conversations (not) drive the underplot. Poker games with the boys, various house parties, dating carousels, and couples who clearly like each other populate the background upon which these two friends seek to sort out their feelings and how the friendship is to survive with Sarah now as the thing that stands between them. Bittersweet romantic comedy. Of special note, June Lockhart (Timmy's mom on Lassie before she was Lost in Space, BTW) as the mother-in-law from the planet Tedium and Quentin Tarantino as Sid are brilliant. Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams do a hilarious turn as wanna be country singers that is not to ne missed.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Lol. So retarded, but still a bunch of fun. That could just be my nostalgia talking though...

Simeon M (kr) wrote: This is certainly an interesting movie. Get ready for a weird trip.The story deals with a lot of racial issues (Mexican) of the 1940's... social, legal, cultural, etc. I liked the Zoot Suit guy, as he always kinda represented this "badass" Mexican inside the main character. -and Zoot Suits are really crazy looking.

Aimee B (nl) wrote: This was a favourite of mine in the 90's, and after having seen it all over again recently, it remains a favourite and it still holds up. Even though the last few seasons weren't very good.

John T (ag) wrote: Jean Rollin again. Like most of his work, it's beautiful, lots of naked girls running around, but end the end it lacks substance. If you just want to watch something pretty this is for you. Not bad to do every once in awhile, but nothing that will last as a great film in your mind.

Adrian B (it) wrote: Intriguing, early zombie movie in which a Canadian nurse (Frances Dee) heads to an island in the Caribbean, of which she becomes involved in a deep, perplexing mystery. Her patient (Edith Barrett) is under a strange, voodoo hypnosis by the native residents of the island. The patient's husband (Tom Conway, brother of more famous actor George Sanders who looks exactly like him) is the owner of a plantation on the island. Very short and at times silly, but also interesting and a unique movie that displays peculiar performances and very nice set pieces along with cinematography. I think the film could have been a bit better had they strung out the plot a little longer than its 69 minute running time.

Bathsheba M (es) wrote: Good silly fun. I wish Arthur Treacher (Jeeves) were here to get me out of scrapes! The young David Niven is surprising as Bertie Wooster, surprising because Bertie Wooster is such a flake and David Niven usually plays cool on-top-of-everything English gents. Madcap car chase in open cars makes me appreciate 1.)paved roads and 2.) closed cars. They had whisk brooms to dust themselves off! Also, the fact that everyone wears suits and ties and fedoras makes me realize how hard it must have been to tell the crooks from Scotland Yard--one of the points of the movie. Now, at least, the crooks have the good grace to wear a crook uniform. hahahaha.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: Awful, shambolic sequel. Everything that is bad of the Horror film genre is packed into 90 minutes of pure bile. Not scary, not tense, predictable and tacky.

Matthew W (gb) wrote: Crap movie enough said