Forbidden Kiss

Forbidden Kiss


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Forbidden Kiss torrent reviews

Agnieska J (us) wrote: I love Statham. The film was good and interesting.

ayappa r (gb) wrote: Not as good as the original but great performances from the cast carries the movie through.Its's as entertaining as the first one.Highly recommended.

Darrin C (ag) wrote: Not a very accurate portrayal of the real Ed Gein - not even in physique. Cheaply done though the camera work was okay. Overall forgettable. That's about it.

Tobias E (jp) wrote: Klart den daarligste af de tre. Den eneste skuespiller der kan vaere sin indsats bekendt er Gerard Depardieu. Daarligt skrevet med kun alt for mange daarlige jokes.

Steve R (ru) wrote: It's contemptible crap like this that reminds me why the romcom genre is so poorly regarded. Like many of these, there is no romance or comedy present, and none of the characters is remotely interesting or credible. Must Love Dog Turds would be a more apt title.

Kiefer F (de) wrote: A worthy and satisfying prequel.

Katy M (ca) wrote: Ummm...Nadia of the Blue Water pwns this movie like a noob.

Mark N (mx) wrote: Very limited sets and effects are well used by filling them with some great performers walking through a not completely original plot. The movie is a lot more watchable than you might expect mainly due to the realism they bring to an over worked, dilapidated airport control tower. Winkler makes the movie as a semi-comic relief and does sterling work with a 'nothing role' and constantly acts like a hero who no one thanks or really notices.

David W (nl) wrote: A very dialogue heavy film, but Woody Allen has some ideas that make Annie Hall great. You can relate to these great characters.

Piotr J (ca) wrote: Stupid and hilarious at the same time with some surprisingly dramatic moments. Through its two main co-stars gained timeless sentimental value.

Ben H (us) wrote: A great animated feature length film. Right up there with the animated adaption of the Killing Joke.Great voicing and a brilliant storyline - probably a better Suicide Squad storyline than the film

Liam M (au) wrote: An instant classic that gives laughs, characters, and morals to make a fun ride for the whole family.

Bart (ca) wrote: oooh looks super cool :D

Adam A (ru) wrote: Hoffman doesn't only here put on womens clothes, but also a brillant performance filled with charm!

Jonathon P (mx) wrote: Not a bad action movie.