Forced Landing

Forced Landing

On faraway Mosaque, an American pilot finds that he is in a desperate struggle with a military officer intent on sabotaging a local fort.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A Pacific Islands dictator must compete with a military pilot for a woman's affection, and underhandedly dispatches him on a suicide mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (es) wrote: Interesting film about horrible people. Was it just me who kept thinking "Justin Bieber" when Benji was in full brat mode? I think I need to watch this again sometime. It's a lot - a lot of characters, a lot of situations. Pretty f'd up, honestly. I think I liked it. Not entirely sure as the people are just so awful. Lol. Original and ambitious movie.

Tracy F (kr) wrote: Decent CIA mystery. A little drawn out in parts. Overall, it was ok.

Marcelo R (mx) wrote: No s bien qu es una experiencia, pero creo que esta peli se le acerc bastante a eso indefinido que puede llegar a ser una experiencia intensa.

Henry M (ca) wrote: anotha bad teen movie

Jen F (ag) wrote: this is not my favorite movie. I just answered "yes" to the question favorite movies, come on now.

Richard R (us) wrote: While this delayed sequel has the benefit of better special effects and probably a bigger budget; it suffers from being the same old formula. A bunch of people running through the jungle being picked off one by one by some man-eating snakes - while a maniacal bad guy threatens them at the point of a gun. It's still effective as a film, an enjoyable if completely forgettable few hours while lavishly requires you to ignore most common sense.

Lee H (au) wrote: This is one film that you can't help but talk about after viewing. Intelligent,sexy and thought-provoking. A must see for William Petersen fans.

Archibald T (br) wrote: When Dr. Albert Morton's sister, Gaily, is brutally raped by a bunch of real estate yuppies the verdict comes back as Not Guilty! She is devastated and decides to commit suicide by jumping off of the roof of the court house. This crushes her brother, but it gives him an idea. Five years pass and the brother creates a cyborg out of his sister so she can get her revenge. She change into different kinds of people from a man one minute to a woman.She gets her revenge at least, but with these yuppies getting killed off it kind of brings in some detective work from David Naughton. This film crosses between terminator territory with a mixture of a rape/revenge tale. What drove me to watch it was curiosity which killed my cat unfortunately.

Jonathan P (kr) wrote: A decent follow up to the cult classic original. Revenge of the Creature is a tad slow but props have to be given to the costume and set designers for the realness (at least for the time) of their costumes and sets. While the acting is a bit stale (though it is common for the genre and time) the story moves along slowly before a rapid and intense climax.

Ed (es) wrote: Clint Eastwood's first movie, that's about the only good thing about this movie.

Terry G (it) wrote: TCM called it an essential. It is. Watched for Walter Huston's wink and pointing at the end. I think he means you.

Mereie d (it) wrote: Though not as splendid in its effects and characterization as some other WWII movies, Von Ryan??s Express makes a very entertaining view. There is a lot of movement going on on that screen, on several locations, with several different actions and motivations. The threads are (of course) the attempts to escape from the Germans, and the developing relationship between Colonel Ryan (Frank Sinatra) and Major Fincham (Trevor Howard), two opposites who eventually manage to efface their differences. At this point, one can say character development makes the movie more interesting, but more stereotypical at the same time. Fincham is British, so he is an old-fashioned hardliner who will stop at nothing and make sacrifices for what he sees as a good cause. Ryan is an American, so he is more modern in this thinking, more human, more balanced, more practical, but occasionally too soft because of it. He resembles modern man most. As a viewer, we are supposed to identify with him, rather than with any of the others. It is pretty predictable and unoriginal to have an American as the hero, dying a heroic death and all, but then of course, this is a USA production. The other nationalities are very stereotypical too, especially the Italians. Their silliness occasionally almost undermines the seriousness of the movie. And it was a pity to see that some of the German actors (= those really supposed to be Germans) had quite unconvincing accents (even worse than the fake-German vicar). As to battle action, I would say the film was not loaded with it, but the scenes actually there (like the one with the Messerschmitts in the Italian mountains) were great. And of course, the story as such is very original. Escape attempts with trains always make exciting viewing.