Ford: The Man and the Machine

Ford: The Man and the Machine

Adapted from a book by Robert Lacey, this biographical film chronicles both the private and public life of automobile manufacturer Henry Ford (Cliff Robertson).

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Ford: The Man and the Machine torrent reviews

Paul R (au) wrote: John Cusack Brilliant, it was like watching Ronaldo playing in the Vauxhall Conference!! The lady Fed was the only other person of note as for the rest a little retraining would not go amiss

Susan L (br) wrote: beautiful film with a great cast.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: A decent ensemble performance with interesting characters, but it unfortunately tends toward the way-too-cliche in the end: settling differences with a hockey game, for instance, (using jersey recycled from Bon Cop, Bad Cop... seriously), or the classic "get on the plane but at the last minute get off the plane" rom-com ending. Enjoyable for a while, with a couple of big laughs, even, but wears out before the end.

Brett C (it) wrote: Very interesting. Liked it more when we didn't know what was going on. Loved the reports coming into the station.

Wesley W (de) wrote: One of the most pathetic excuses ever for a summer movie. There was nothing redeeming at all to this piece of crap. The acting, directing, writing, and just about everything else suck ass here. Jake Gyllenhaal for the first time ever was absolutely cringe worthy in his line delivery and the annoying way his character talked. All of the supporting cast were annoying as hell and they provide you with nothing good at all. The script was probably written by a retarded monkey who only cares about money. This is for sure Jake Gyllenhaal's worst movie of his career and the film is a disease to the genre of comedy. When watching this I wasn't expecting the next Shawshank Redemption or the next Wizard of Oz, I just kept my expectations low and still had a painful time watching this crap.

Michael P (ru) wrote: Not really a movie but a filmed discussion, but interesting if you like philosophy.

Frank L (au) wrote: I wish i coulda liked it more but it had its atmoshpheric sense of darkness that kept me watching ...

Emily N (ru) wrote: harrowing hand-held camera work towards the end made me shiver it was so fantastic.

Darryl P (br) wrote: Harmless feel good movie. Wife said it was"eat pray love" for guys

Kade C (us) wrote: An entertaining enough movie, Tangled takes the story of Rapunzel and makes it fun for a modern audience. It's not one of my favorites, but is worth watching if you enjoy the Disney princess films.

Scott H (fr) wrote: I don't know whether to be impressed more with Meryl Streep's performance as a crippling old lady or middle aged Margaret Thatcher, but nonetheless she delivers one of the best performances of her carrier and carries the film through this interesting, even though very self-focused, story.

Alberto N (ca) wrote: Not as good as I expected to be due to the high ratings.