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Users reviews

Brad C (ca)

Completely unexpected ending

Dave H (jp)

I got a good laugh out of it though. Charming, but oh so random

Del H (jp)

Though simplistic and cliched as hell in terms of plot, "Whatever Works" offers the viewer a charming look at the existential glum of life with plenty of laughs and frolic along the way, thanks in large part to Larry David in all his hilarious misery

Jos M (ag)

Interesante saber detalles de la obra de uno de mis directores favoritos

Ken S (de)

This isn't really a bad movie, but it isn't particularly good either. Hackman portrays a high level Air Force guy who has a plane go down behind enemy lines, and Glover is the pilot doing his best to rescue him. Average Vietnam war movie features Gene Hackman and Danny Glover but lacks anything particularly special beyond its two leads

Max H (it)

Me, I never pee'd in the pool

Sanalluk M (kr)

Snow White for adults! Nice

Steve B (jp)

real joke!. . . And how about that guy's face? He's suppose to be the living dream that made her all fall for him. effects are a little arsh. The acting is good but sometimes the spec. They've been so much better japanese ghost flick than this one

Tedrico L (kr)

JCVD is still very much so an action hero so watch this film and be prepared to be subjected to an unusually high body count rate during shootout scenes. Jean Claude Van Damme still gives us top notch action films, as evidenced by this truly remarkable tale of 2 hit men gunning for the same mark all while trying to not break their codes and rules of the assasination game