Foreign Land

Foreign Land

After the death of her mother, a young Brazilian decides to leave his country and travel to her native land. In a foreign land, he finds love and danger.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   cabaret,   dancing,  

After the death of his mother, a young Brazilian decides to leave his country and travel to his mother's native land. In a foreign land, he finds love and danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saad N (us) wrote: Quite perceptual. Too much Chekovism with the dialogues and the characters make it more fun to watch.

Matthew O (us) wrote: Beautifully done. Felicity Huffman should have won the Oscar over Reese Witherspoon (and I love Reese). Flicka takes her career to the next level with her moving performance as a man waiting to undergo his sex change operation. The catch? His doctor wants him to connect with the son he's never met. The development of their relationship and the unconditional love that the son shows is fabulous.

Jess A (jp) wrote: I liked it. It was a typical inspiring story type of movie.

Heidi S (it) wrote: Much better than the first. I liked this one. :]

Dan W (de) wrote: Sadly, The subject matter lowers my opinion of the movie. Though it seemed well executed, it lacked any emotional impact on me.

Mark A (ag) wrote: An ultimately sad film, highlighting the subjugation of women within a certain Hassidic enclave in Jerusalem. While maybe less than authentic, (how many Hassidic actors are there, and how many of them would agree to portray the intimate scenes depicted here?) the message that women are second-class citizens with no voice within their community is valid and bears investigation. The film itself is very slow, dark, and quiet. There are scenes of immense tenderness, particularly those between Meir (Yoram Hattab) and Rivka (Yael Abecassis), a husband and wife, deeply in love, but forced by their community to separate so that Meir can re-marry in an attempt to produce children. But, there are also scenes of fierce brutality and blatant ignorance dictated by an incomplete understanding of the purpose and intent of God's Laws. This is not easy to watch, and the sense of sadness that pervades never relents, but it is still fascinating.

robert b (fr) wrote: a gritty look at the life's of London gangstas

Jackson N (it) wrote: The size and breed of the shark changes throughout the course of the film, at one point it's a tiger shark then a massive great white.

Private U (br) wrote: One of my all time favourites. Hadn't laughed as heard since I read "Lucky Jim"

Scott M (gb) wrote: This was, at first, mildly enjoyable, but became tiresome by the half way mark. For one thing, it was hard to take this film's villain seriously. After waiting 27 years to see Blue Thunder, I was expecting it to be so much more. The most memorable thing about this film, were the lines, "Catch you later", which a relative of mine used to say to us at the end of family gatherings.

Marko S (ag) wrote: sick, twisted and shocking for the time it was made. now only moralizing, sick and boring. it's not a plesent thing to see a titless child running naked, too much is too much, and i'm not a puritan. susan sarandon is great as an unfit mother and prostitute, keith carradine is standardly good. but brooke shields is even creepier than in blue lagoon, and she's very creepy there.

Jarryd R (fr) wrote: kool as i might wanna see lol of course i wanna see it

Matt V (gb) wrote: Not the greatest acting. It was kinda boring.

Cathy C (nl) wrote: The animation looks good.