Drama about a man who is supposed to kill his daughter.

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Khalid M (ru) wrote: Sue me - but I really enjoyed this movie. It just worked for me - despite being an out and out chick flick, it did not have too much sap. It is entertaining and clearly lifted/inspired from Hollywood movies... without making any sort of apologetic effort to come across as "different" or "path breaking." Sonam Kapoor is refreshing in an author-backed role, Abhay Deol is sidelined but still likeable, Cyrus Broacha was perfectly casted, but Amrita Puri as the gullible Shefali steals the show! The movie is worth a watch for a good ensemble cast and a catchy soundtrack.

Michael R (ag) wrote: Extremely well made film that portrays the recklessness of the television crew who died trying to film the brutal invasion of East Timor but also makes you feel anger for their deaths and for the hundreds of thousands of the local people that died during the ensuing 25 years of occupation by Indonesia. The characters of Jose Ramos Horta and Roger East are very well portrayed and you see the beginning of a life on the world political stage for one and the courageous finale to a journalistic career for the other. A gripping drama from start to finish.

Al M (de) wrote: A remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis's 1960s splatter classic (Two Thousand Maniacs), 2001 Maniacs brings the story into the present world with modern effects and Robert Englund as the mayor. In many ways, 2001 Maniacs stays exactly true to the tradition of Lewis: it is filled with nothing more than sex and gore. Any semblance of depth is lacking--it knows what its audience wants and delivers nothing else. 2001 Maniacs may actually have a slight advantage because it features actors than can almost act as opposed to the wooden actors generally featured in Lewis flicks. Fun, fun, fun for splatter fans--that's all I've got to say. It will absolutely irredeemable to everyone else....

Jon C (mx) wrote: really an entertaining survival thrillernothing scary except the lost hope of making out alive in the baking sun with no waterLacey Chabert exhibits great emotion in her acting and her character is thankfully smart, optimistic, caring and non-single mindedthe rest of the cast does okI do like that they actually get into some depth (kinda long) conversations about where they stand given the situationthe desert serves as the perfect opposite of the freezing terrain or the open oceanthe environment for once acts as the main antagonist much like 'Frozen'these people rely on one another to preserve not only their rations but their means of physical and mental capacityyou can expect the things you'd face when stranded in the middle of nowhere with the effects of dehyradtion like delusions of grandeur and resorting to the most unimaginable survival tacticsthis indie semi-horro flick is a good onemaybe a bit sad towards the end but still not upsetting

Mark D (nl) wrote: This is a VERY stupid, disjointed, very boring movie, not worth watching even once!

David F (nl) wrote: A film about a kidnapping drama which plays out almost entirely in a train station, ~Union Station(TM) is a tense, gripping thriller which builds up to an exciting climax in the tunnels beneath the station. A very young William Holden is unfortunately very far from the classic roles in which he best demonstrated his tremendous talent but in this film he portrays a train station official who gets drawn into the middle of a kidnapping case when a suspicious man carrying a gun on a train is reported to him by another passenger. The kidnappers then demand a ransom which also must pass through the station, along with so many other anonymous passengers traveling, commuting, and just passing through. The station setting is used expertly to craft a suspenseful plot and the climax in the tunnels beneath recalls the end of ~The Third Man(TM) released a year previously. I watched this for Holden but I was more impressed with the smart plot and the throwback setting.

Charlie G (es) wrote: Very good. Funny and a lot of action. I would watch this one again.And again

Davey M (it) wrote: Horror movies are the 20th century fairy tale, and few people have understood that better than Dario Argento. PHENOMENA is one of his best pieces of work, with horrific set pieces, Argento's characteristically striking images, the score that vacillates between the eerie and the throbbing noise of electric guitars, and the sublime, sinister balance of scares, suspense, mystery, and revulsion that only the real masters of the genre ever totally get down. Holding everything together is a beautiful, strange story revolving around the power of the elements and the natural world, with an excellent young Jennifer Connelly at the center--it feels unusually personal and sincere and even moving for an Argento film, and the whole thing just works like gangbusters. One of my favorite horror movies ever.

Anthony V (it) wrote: Parts are fun, but unscripted actors can only take things so far.