Forest of the Damned

Forest of the Damned

A group of friends go on a roadtrip and come to a stop in a forest where legend has it a group of naked bisexual female monsters lurk. Will they awake them? And if so will they survive?

A group of friends go on a roadtrip and come to a stop in a forest where legend has it a group of naked bisexual female monsters lurk. Will they awake them? And if so will they survive? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (fr) wrote: The film had a caption saying "Quintin Tarintino would be proud". The movie tested my patience many times. The film makers went out of the way to push buttons... drug use, rape, nudity, violence you name it. The budget is also low and the acting is bad. It is by no means a good movie but for an under ground movie it might appeal to some people. There were a few things that kept me watching. The movie has a relly good Tarantino sounding soundtrack and a 70's explotation movie vibe. I haven't seen "the last house on the left", but it probally is similar.

Nermeen A (ca) wrote: Saif was just amazing

xGary X (ca) wrote: In the near future corporations rule the world rather than nation states and disputes are settled by a heavily armed "arbitrator" played by John Cusack. The combination of black comedy and extreme violence and the presence of the Cusacks and Dan Aykroyd will be familiar to anyone who has seen Grosse Point Blank. It's essentially a political satire, Turekistan being an obvious analogy for the events in the middle east; a kind of "Thank You For Smoking Guns". As political satire it has all the subtlety of a scud launcher, some of the physical comedy bordering on Zucker/Abrams territory, but it also has enough smart, witty and well observed dialogue to offend "patriots" everywhere and no doubt get everyone involved on the NSA's shitlist. The leads are all excellent, John and Marisa making a smart and sexy couple, Joan is hilarious as his company sidekick and Aykroyd once again supplies a memorable cameo. I couldn't help thinking it could've been a masterpiece if they'd shown a little more restraint, but the hit and miss comedy is on target far more often than off and it's nice to see an American comedy that's both intelligent and has something to say.

Borhan K (es) wrote: So tonight i finished watching an oldie but a goodie. JCVD in one of his better early flick 1996's Maximum Risk. Plays a cop that find out that he is a twin after his twin gets killed by the mob overseas and JCVD goes on his revenge mission as usual to get the guys that did this to his brother and at the same time hook up with his brothers girl figure that one out :P lolFor its time this was a great Van Damme flickIf your a fan go back and re-live the excitement.Take the Risk you won't be disappointed.

Denise A (us) wrote: A great 80's movie! Out of the girls I liked Cat. Though I probably identify with Lili Taylor's character more. So funny. A great comedy!

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 76%Wow, what a strong opening! To bad it loses its momentum right after Steele gets the spiked mask hammered onto her face. It is however gothic to the max and obviously had a major influence on Tim Burton.

Nicola D (mx) wrote: can you laugh during a thriller? well, sometimes, but just if the thriller aint worth watching. Well this movie got everything you may demand: action, mystery, violence, blood, noir, funny scenes...And one of the most incredible endings ever! I really suggest to watch it!

mike a (us) wrote: I just don't think the film or the effects have stood up very well. A tough film to watch now. The acting and plot are passable but nothing special

JamesMasaki R (kr) wrote: Technically, yes it is a Marx Brothers movie. Although Groucho barely appears, and it's mostly a Harpo/Chico vehicle. And Marilyn Monroe on the cover? It's because she appears for 1 scene near the end, and it's her big 'debut'. Even though Groucho on TV has said it was a 'terrible, terrible' movie, it's actually not as bad as one might expect. It's definitely weak compared to the brothers' other work, but there are some pretty good moments.

bob w (es) wrote: incredibly dull witted; Mccrea plays his usual boob without a clue role in a farcical story line that's absurdly erratic and contrived.

Henry M (ag) wrote: I can see why this film gets some of the criticism it does, but Family Guy humor isn't for everybody. I thought it was a somewhat unique concept and as a fan of Seth Macfarlene I very much enjoyed the humor in this movie. It's definitely not for everybody, but if you like the idea of Liam Neeson as a bad ass western villain, you're in luck with this one.

Gavin M (es) wrote: Goofy "sword-and-sandal" fun. Modern audiences that don't appreciate Harryhausen may be repulsed, but if you can understand the old-schooled charm of the visuals, Clash of the Titans is a very entertaining and humorous flick, and in all honesty, it's far superior to the 2010 remake.

Connor B (ca) wrote: Best Planet of the Apes sequel. Perfectly reflects the attitudes of the 70s and can easily blend in with the darker films of the 80s. For a film that cost only two million dollars, it seems to be directed pretty damn well. Watch the unrated cut though, as it doesn't hold back.

Randy P (de) wrote: Except for a few gags that can cause a chuckle, it is filled with stereotypes and predictable plot points.

Bob V (es) wrote: Oh, this movie is bad, so so SO bad... From Pam Grier arriving in prison in galadress and being met by Dyke Barbie prison guard in hot pants, to the giggling, jiggling playfight in the prison showers (what else would nubile young women do right after being thrown in the filthiest prison I ever saw) to being watched by a furiously masturbating Dyke Barbie, and on past a plot that includes heavily armed pimps, ho's nipples being hooked to a car battery, lesbians strangled with chains, blook more fake than anything I've seen outside a child's drawing, guerillas, corrupt everythings, and Pam Grier's pendulous naked breasts swinging across the screen, THIS IS SO BAD.Clearly, everyone should see it right away.