Forest of the Gods

Forest of the Gods

The story about one man - an artist and an intellectual - who was imprisoned by two brutal regimes, the Nazis and the Soviets. 'The Professor' is a man who lives by his own personal version of the Ten Commandments. After miraculously surviving imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp through a bit of ironic fate, he writes a memoir of his life, which becomes the target of the Soviet censors. The so-called "freedom" of Communism becomes just as oppressive as the German concentration camp.

The story about one man- an artist and an intellectual- who was imprisoned by two brutal regimes, the Nazis and the Soviets. 'The Professor' is a man who lives by his own personal version ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (es) wrote: An intense wilderness-survival tale with stunning cinematography shot in the desolate snowy-white forests of Poland. Vincent Gallo utters not one word portraying an Afghan prisoner of war on the run after escaping from American troops " not knowing where he is, which way go, deaf, starving and every human being he meets along the way just might kill him. Skilled direction places the viewer right into the fugitives(TM) shoes. Although Gallo's character depicts an enemy of the West, most viewers will regard him as a good guy, hoping he(TM)ll make it and find a way home to his lovely wife and family. Emmanuelle Seigner comes in at the end as an angelic savior of sorts who resurrects the escapee back to life and sets him on course to his destiny. A wonderful film I(TM)ll definitely want to see over again.

Shaun L (de) wrote: don't understand what this has to do with Hellraiser...I can't believe this had a theatrical release.

Wendy J (nl) wrote: I thought it dragged a little toward the end, but the kids were glued the whole way through.

Lee B (us) wrote: Very funny and well made comedy horror film. Bruce Campbell (as Elvis)steals the show as usual, Ossie Davis is also excellent as J.F.K.

Austin W (ca) wrote: why brendan why? you had such a promising career with the mummy series but come on seriously. monkeybone is pretty artistic when it wants to be but its just so unfunny and so stupid with an unlikable title character that make this one of the all time bad movies and a movie that you should stay away from.

Ibraheem M (au) wrote: Watching this as a kid back in the 90s was an exciting and frightening adventure. Now it's stupid, and there's no intentions to watch the sequel again (Chocolate Bar's Revenge).

Moniesha M (de) wrote: I think this is a funny movie!!!!

Bill M (it) wrote: A film that has left a mark on my mind like few in recent memory, Picknick At Hanging Rock is one of the most ethereal, haunting films i can think of, the story of a group of girls who vanish during a school outing to the titular Hanging Rock and are never seen again, the first thing to know is that the mystery of their disappearance is never solved, this is precisely what gives the film it's oppressive, eerie power. It's more about the after affect on the lives of those left behind, it's about the unbearable fragility and fleetingness of youth and life itself, how the looming oppressiveness of the earth will sooner or later swallow us whole, as it seems to do to the school girls, was it supernatural or is there something much more ugly afoot. Beneath the placid, dreamlike surface of it all there is a universe of darkness inexplicitly hinted at, possible sexual violence, real horror or something more unknowable, intangible. A dread hangs over the film, a bleak melancholy that lingers for days. An enigmatic, mysterious, atmospheric and beautiful film that iam obsessed with.

Petros T (ca) wrote: Martin Lawrence is having a ball as Big Momma, in a film whose fun main idea results in a lot of laughs. This is no ambitious picture but it does what it says on the can pretty well for those 90 minutes, right until the sugary finale.

Jason K (it) wrote: I remember thinking this was good.....i dont remember any reason after rewatching though