Forever Yours

Forever Yours

When Master Papo brings his new young bride home to his logging camp, a love story begins to unfold.

Based on a Thai classic novel by Riam-Eang, the film depicts a forbidden love story of Yupadee and Sang-Mong who believe that love is forever. Yupadee is a beautiful lady who married to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sierra W (us) wrote: Well, this documentary does an excellent job in accomplishing its goal: highlighting and calling for change the problem of sexual assault and harassment in the military. The film uses the voices of women (and a man) who all served in the military and suffered through having their service turned into a torment none of their commanders, the VA reps, or the DOD investigators cared to address. The documentary also highlights just how terrible the veteran's health care system is. My only wish is that more male victims were talked about in this film.

Alex A (ca) wrote: Domestic Disturbance isn't that original, but it's nonetheless a solid thriller with fairly brisk pacing. The main highlights are Vince Vaughn and John Travolta who are both excellent, raising the tension with their convincing performances while simultaneously overshadowing the rest of the cast who are just fine. The plot seemingly wraps up a little too quickly in the third act, the final confrontation is slightly cheesy and a lengthier runtime would have benefited Domestic Disturbance a lot, but as it stands it's serviceable, concise entertainment

Ashley J (ag) wrote: Saw it but want to see it again

Robert B (gb) wrote: This movie makes Revenge of the Nerds look classy.

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Garrett (it) wrote: It can't quite equal its brother film Letters From Iwo Jima, but Flags Of Our Fathers is still a resounding, largely bleak look at what it means to be a hero, and of course the evil of war.

Julian P (au) wrote: That rap at the end was the most retarded thing I've ever seen.