A young man with cystic fibrosis, along with the sister of a fallen friend, goes in search of a legendary healing shrine in Mexico.

A young man with cystic fibrosis, along with the sister of a fallen friend, goes in search of a legendary healing shrine in Mexico. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant H (mx) wrote: Very good movie. This high school reunion movie is filled with the same old clich (C)s reunion movies bring, but it's still funny, smart, thoughtful, and touching, with great performances from its ensemble cast, especially Pratt and Collins.

Frances H (de) wrote: Wonderful story about the love a committed gay couple come to feel for a child they take in as a favor to a friend who is trying to save him from the neglect of his drug addicted mother. The message here is that love and families come in different combinations and that prejudice because of sexual orientation denigrates us all. What makes one feel especially distressed for this couple of two male partners and the neglected little boy here is the almost automatic assumption by those who should know better is that homosexuality means that they have an inclination to pedophilia, which couldn't be further from the truth. That people in this day and age can still make this very ignorant and bigoted assumption is an outrage, and one such a film as this one can hopefully help correct. A very touch and effective movie.

ellne i (nl) wrote: A truly worthwhile documentary - at times funny, at times poignant - at times downright intense! This guy really went through some stuff tofind out what his brothers were doing in Iraq - and got some pretty profound answers. NOT what you expect from a documentary - MUCH more!

David J (mx) wrote: fine-some interesting characters but mostly forgettable

Sherry (es) wrote: The Susan Wilson Story did a fine job of portraying the stress and emotional horror brought on by the sick criminal acts of her disgusting neighbor and the people who saw nothing wrong with what her neighbor did. Susan Wilson is a hero for getting laws changed to make Voyeurism a felony. There are too many evil and disgusting people in our world and we need protection from them.

Harry W (br) wrote: With firm knowledge that there would never be any such thing as a good Highlander sequel, I watched Highlander: Endgame simply out of obligation to complete the series.Upon first viewing Highlander: Endgame, I knew that it was a poor film. However, I did appreciate the fact that it finally gave a good end to the story of Connor Macleod who had deserved peace for way too long. Looking back at it now, I just feel that director Doug Aarniokoski is just beating a dead horse. Highlander: Endgame serves as his feature length directorial debut, and it is obvious considering the amateur nature of his work on the production.As no Highlander film has ever succeeded at box office and the story is focused around combining the film series and the Highlander TV series into a singular narrative, the existence of Highlander: Endgame seems clearly catered towards pleasing fans. But with four writers, Highlander: Endgame does not end up as a full which has sensible roots to build up from. And so when there is little effect as a result, it does not come as a surprise. The general tone of Highlander: Endgame doesn't match up with the style that makes the concept a guilty pleasure. Instead of making use of the fantasy themed rock music that made Highlander beautiful, Highlander: Endgame flips between going for an epic fantasy angle and a conventional thriller for some reason. The entire experience feels like too much of a modern day film to be able to match the 80's charm that immortalized the original Highlander, even though the musical score is well-composed and intense. At the same time, there is a significantly larger use of gun violence, motorcycles and physical combat in Highlander: Endgame. There are still sword fights, but they don't line up with the sword and sorcery concept of Highlander smoothly enough. All in all, Highlander: Endgame ends up feeling distant from its fantasy roots and more focused on being a contemporary action film with science-fiction subtext. It's not to the ridiculous extent that plagued Highlander II: The Quickening, but there is no sword-and-sorcery feeling in Highlander: Endgame. It is just all too obvious that the film is one from the year 2000 because the time for the concept has long passed its prime, and now we are left to wallow in the dying spirit of everything. In adhering to conventional action movie tropes, Highlander: Endgame ends up taking itself very seriously and forgets how to have fun with its premise. The mood of the film just feels wrong because it takes itself very seriously by packing itself full of an abundance of melodrama which it lays down so heavily on viewers. It's not sensible story building, it's just far from compelling tedium which gives no basis for the film to build on, not even pausing to try and laugh. There are clearly some lines in there intended to have slight comic worth, but they fail to match the overly serious tone in the rest of the film. This leaves fate in the hands of only Doug Aarniokoski to save it. But like I said, it's his debut and not one to be proud of. Viewers not affiliated with the Highlander series are more likely to enjoy Highlander: Endgame, but it remains problematic that this film could have been an appealing action guilty pleasure of its own right if it didn't end up plagued by insufficient technical aspects. Lacking the visual panache of Russell Mulcahy's wonderful work in the first Highlander and not the second, Highlander: Endgame succumbs to insufficient quality action. You can tell the potential is all there because the choreography is fairly strong, even if it is sporadically rough. The issue lies with the fact that the cinematography does not raise the scale of tension or emphasize the techniques of the cast members, but rather takes a generic path. Yet even worse is the fact that the editing tends to chop things up too quickly for viewers to comprehend what is going on. The quick cuts in Highlander: Endgame are too quick for their own good, effectively ensuring that even as a standalone experience there is little worth in watching Highlander: Endgame even though there is potential use for the production values which does not end up capitalized on. Ultimately, the sentiment I felt from the first viewing of Highlander: Endgame did not translate over the second time around, and even though it is the best of the Highlander sequels that remains nothing to boast about. Even the cast cannot illuminate and sense of sensibility in Highlander: Endgame.Christophe Lambert's final appearance as Connor Macleod is plagued by production difficulties. Though Connor Macleod never ages, Christophe Lambert does. He has aged 14 years since the release of the first Highlander, and it is an obvious face when you look upon him. He still has a handsome demeanour, but he is not as young as he once was which breaks the illusion of his immortality. This makes the story more difficult to believe, especially when he appears in the flashbacks where he re-enacts the relationship depicted in the first film. Alas, this is merely the price audiences must pay if they are to embrace the presence of the one true Connor Macleod. Unfortunately, the price is a bit much of a cost. Christophe Lambert is fed a lot of melodramatic material in Highlander: Endgame, and he is left to do little more than act with spirit which is little more than a shadow of his former self. Though his physical achievements in the action scenes remain impressive, the spirit of Connor Macleod is sucked out of the character by a script which condemns him to put away his appealing over the top energy and stick to speaking in an excessively restrained fashion for the entire film. Christophe Lambert is low on charisma in Highlander: Endgame, and even though his presence and natural ability to make Connor Macleod a sympathetic character make the experience more welcoming, he deserves better.Adrian Paul is slightly better. Having led the Highlander TV series for so long as Duncan Macleod, Adrian Paul transitions the character over to the cinematic screen very well. Admittedly, the poorly structured story means that the tone and accent of his character are always changing, but he manages to keep up with it through dedication to the role. Adrian Paul interacts with the other characters very well with a passionate embrace of his role, ranging from powerful physical achievements in the action scenes to powerful emotional chemistry with Christophe Lambert. Adrian Paul is not invincible from the damage of the script, but his charisma is admirable.Bruce Payne is frequently singled out as giving a performance deemed to be the best part of Highlander: Endgame. Considering that Bruce Payne sinks into the relentless sadism of the character and proves to be the most involved in a very heavily stereotypical character, it is easy to see why people would come to this conclusion. He appears to have fun in the role, and it transfers well over to his performance as he really transcends the character with a perfectly over the top antagonistic spirit. Bruce Payne steps out of the melodrama and performs in a manner Highlander: Endgame should be built on: having fun. It's good to know that somebody in the production did.Unfortunately, Lisa Barbuscia seems bent on moving every muscle in her face without actually making sense of why which drags the experience further down.So Highlander: Endgame has its moments while Adrian Paul and Bruce Payne do their best, but plagued by an inappropriate tone and weak action sequences, Highlander: Endgame is not a crowd pleaser or one for the fans.

Robert C (us) wrote: The only reason to watch this movie is that Joan Crawford spends most of her time interacting with a guy in an ape mask -- not even a full costume -- and the whole time she's doing it totally straight.

Martin T (mx) wrote: Half of the humor in this movie is pretty weak, but things improve around the halfway point. It's a decent spot of fun, just nothing that special about it.

IOnell S (br) wrote: El trailer se miraba ms divertido que la pelcula en si. Venden una comedia pero es en realidad un drama de telenovela de medio oriente.