Young successful architect Anton obligingly pays a visit to his ailing grandfather Alejandor Cordero’s in their Cordero estate. The people in his grandfather’s place believe to a legend that their mango orchard would yield the sweetest mangoes in the country when the next Cordero will learn to fall in love unconditionally. Anton’s grandfather believes that Anton needs to find his one true love so the legend would be proven true. Anton does not share the same belief. When Marian learns about the homecoming of her childhood friend and crush; she gets excited for she believes that she and Anton would make the tale come true.

Ever since they were kids, Marian, a simple lass in the Cordero hacienda, has been in love with Anton, the grandson of the hacienda’s patriarch. She has always believed that she an Anton would fulfill the legend that Don Alejandro, tells about hacienda. According to Anton’s grandfather, the sweetness of the mangoes relies on the kind of love that a Cordero couple manning the hacienda share. Proof of this would be the prosperity of the mango orchard when Alejandro’s beloved wife, Isabela, was still alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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