It's 1878 and Jake Kincaid has just been released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. His heart is seeking vengeance on those responsible for landing him in jail but hes also very interested in finding the gold he was accused of stealing.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Forgiven 2011 full movies, Forgiven torrents movie

Forgiven is an inspirational story in the tradition of High Planes Drifter and Pale Rider with a Faith-based message. It's 1878 and Jake Kincaid (Alan Autry from "In The Heat Of The Night")... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Forgiven torrent reviews

William M (de) wrote: That was pretty disappointing. The cheesy romance didn't help especially when the "Sixth Sense" esque plot twist happened, it just kind of ruined the rest of the film for me. The ending was the worst part. It was poorly executed and the fact that they used a minuscule and rather uninteresting side plot that we never got much insight into to fuel the conclusion was really cheap and it goes to show that they obviously ran out of ideas on a way to end this. As for whether the film is scary or not, no it really isn't. Sure the lead actress (who was pretty damn hot) looked creepy in her Marilyn Manson makeup and the Owlman costume itself did look creepy at times, I still wouldn't call this film scary though. It lacked tension and suspense. I will commend the lack of jumpscares and screamers though. The scene where he dug up his time-capsule was the point where I started wondering when this film would end. The music was good (even though the pool scene pretty much looked like the prelude to a really bad 80's porno, even the music was porno-like) and at times made a few scenes pretty creepy. The acting was beyond bad at points, the main actor sounded flat as a rock and can't act like he's in panic or scared at all. The main actress was eye-candy at best, her character was annoying and her acting was just alright. The guy who voiced Owlman though was surprisingly spectacular and completed the image of a Pagan god very well. Otherwise I won't be watching this film a second time, that's for sure.

Carol K (fr) wrote: Cute but not even half as funny as the 1st.

AlSameer C (nl) wrote: How To Train Your Dragon 2 is how you make an Animated Sequel. I loved what they've done to the characters since they're actually developed, the animation looks beautiful like Fantasia, and the Story is so following. Hiccup actually finds his mother and Toothless and Hiccup team with the other dragons to fight a big boss at the end. The pacing actually is following as it gives you time but can also leave you, wanting to come along. Remember how I said this is how you make an animated sequel? This movie should've been called, "How to make a Sequel". I can't wait to go to TARGET to get it on DVD. One character is an actual undeveloped from the last movie, but its just a silly nitpick. It's my 2nd favorite animated Sequel right behind Toy Story 2(my favorite Pixar movie). If only other animated sequels were like this(Cars 2, I'm looking at you).

Geraint W (ca) wrote: Short, funny, lighthearted.

Bryan W (de) wrote: W: 1. Continuation of the story. Some parts I like, some make it seem like a cartoon/anime turned movie.

Dilip J (ca) wrote: inspirin movie for football n freestyle lovers.. naturally shot..shot just well enof to make it look REALLL...

Olivia E (ag) wrote: My favourite movie I love it

Juan S (nl) wrote: An other amazing chapter to the residents evil movies

Sanity Assassin (gb) wrote: really good film noir thriller. what made it so was the excellent supporting cast, the likes of queenie smith as mrs grace vernay and rita johnson as barby

Shane C (au) wrote: fairly crap. read like an okay movie but when i watched it thouht it was crap. and it could have been good. the twist in the end got kind of predictable as you watched it .. steve guttenberg first thing i seen him in since police academy lol