Forgotten Evil

Forgotten Evil

A woman with amnesia tries to restart her life until the past comes back to haunt her.

Someone tried to murder Renee, which resulted in her memory loss. She keeps picturing a man dressed in all black chasing her. Is it her mind playing tricks? Was it her kidnapper? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris N (kr) wrote: I respect how difficult of a film this must have been for Mark Webber to make & I completely respect him for just coming out & creating something this personal, but as personal & raw of a film as The End of Love is, it can't help but suffer from some major pacing issues, an uneven tone & some scenes that drag on & on far more then they should & ultimately feel pointless. However, The End of Love has some scenes far too fascinating & emotionally resonant to dislike & Mark Webber delivers a really, really great performance here, showing how good of an actor he can be. It's not a bad film, it's a respectable one, but to me it's just far too flawed in some places to fully recommend.

Nadja A (jp) wrote: Ganz okay. A nice twist in the end.

Hayden L (us) wrote: One of the most mind numbingly stupid films that I have ever seen! This film lacks everything that is present in a good movie, especially an action film. The acting is awful in every sense of the word (especially when the film's villain states while twitching his eye that he doesn't like violence right after he shoots someone!). The action is horribly executed and edited, the story is so weak that it is never able to recover. To say this film was stupid would be an insult to the word! This film is a classic example that a great action movie needs to make sense, and be pulled off with at least some skill, all of which this film sorely lacks.

Katie A (fr) wrote: vincent did an amazing job of portraying abbie, this movie was brilliant and shows activism at its best.

Deb S (mx) wrote: With the name Dolph Lungren, I am expecting a good testosterone fueled action packed flick reminiscent to those of the 80's... enjoyable under any circumstances if you like shoot'em up action coupled with fistfights...and I do!!

Tor M (au) wrote: The first ten minutes of this film was weird, playful and funny but still very real. It starts of a bit messy, but still good. Soon the plot develops into a story that is typically Almodovar I must say, and there are always these fitting twists, that you never really see coming. You get to know the characters and you tend to understand the whole situation the entire playtime and that way it never turn boring. Actually, it's a great build up!The performances are brilliant, and it's light colours makes it pretty to look at. Still, it's something with it that I don't really like. Maybe it's the typical cheating theme that is the problem, but he pulled it of pretty good, so I don't really know. It's not boring, but never really thrilling either I guess. It's not funny, and it's not especially gripping - it's just a great story.The slightly "hard to believe" plot and the great confusion hanging over it was is fitting and it's also quite dirty and direct. Emotions are all over the place, but it gradfully turn darker. It was also fun to see a younger Cruz in the opening scenes.

Juan Carlos S (mx) wrote: Paul Schrader, again, takes an apparently simple story, to explore brilliantly the darkest corner of the soul of a torment man fighting to escape from the darkness created by his worst enemy: his father.