Forgotten Pistolero

Forgotten Pistolero

One of the most ambitious spaghetti westerns, The Forgotten Pistolero is a retelling of the Greek legend of Orestes, who avenges the murder of his father with the help of his friend and former mentor Pylades and his sister Electra. In Baldi’s movie, Orestes is called Sebastian, a man living on his own. One day a wounded stranger called Rafael/Pylades takes shelter in his house and tells him that he, Sebastian, is the son of a Mexican general who was murdered by his wife and her lover. Sebastian has no recollection of the massacre, but the tolling of the bells announcing the Ave Maria bring back fragmented memories. Finally Sebastian is re-united with his sister Isabella and together they avenge the murder of their father. The film is a bit confusing from time to time, with a storyline that seems over-complicated for a spaghetti western, but patient and attentive viewers are rewarded. The Forgotten Pistolero is also known for Roberto Pregadio’s awesome score.

Mann is a gunman informed by a childhood friend that his father was murdered years earlier by his mother and her lover. To make matters worse, Mann's sister, who is in love with his friend,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan N (mx) wrote: this one does not look like bad film really

Reko U (ca) wrote: A sort of fear and loathing journey into the horrible world of advertisement which utilizes all the common (mis)conceptions about the trade (and make me glad I never ventured into that territory professionally). It's also one of the better pictures of Jan Kounen, especially after the trippy Blueberry. This has his share of Kounenisms, but overall it's an entertaining film, although perhaps not as thought provoking.

Nicky N (kr) wrote: Not Good But Better Than The First One.C+

Brian K (us) wrote: Beautifully drawn and rendered depiction of the life of an outspoken girl in post-revolution Iran.

James H (br) wrote: I don't didn't enjoy this very much. I thought the script was poor and although I like Jonah Hill I thought their characters were annoying. Paul Rudd was ok and Seth Rogen was decent but there's really nothing to shout about here and I don't think I laughed out loud once in the entire film. They try to tack on a moral at the end but it doesn't pay off, it has its moments but it just simply doesn't have enough laughs.

Josh G (mx) wrote: Ah, Rich Christiano: how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Unidentified is about two reporters for a very prestigious, fair and balanced magazine (called "Both Sides") who are investigating a series of UFO sightings across the southern United States. One of the reporters is Keith, a polite and level-headed Christian guy who just wants to get to the bottom of the story. The other is Brad, your typical atheist character: a jackass who interrupts people while talking, speaks with dripping sarcasm and a constant sneer, and blames the UFO sightings on... yes, weather balloons. The movie can be summed up with a single conversation between our atheist Brad and an old man who used to work for a Special Ops force that sought out UFOs, but who is now an adamant Christian: Brad: Now that you've got religion, you think the unexplained must be demonic? Old Man:: Yes. Yes, I do. That's about the extent of the Christiano perspective on the world. If they don't understand it, it's evil. Nice guy Keith eventually begins to seek the help of a co-worker named Darren during his interviews with the people who have seen the flying saucers. Darren is 100% behind Jesus, which makes him even more of a jackass than Brad is -- and frankly, kind of frightening, too, in the way that he angrily confronts people that are dabbling in Wicca. Darren, combined with Brad's constant persecution! are slowly leading Keith back to God. Keith has forgotten to read his Bible, but soon becomes convinced that he must return to the good book before he can truly solve the mystery of the UFOs. He'd better figure it out soon, because many of the people he's interviewing are speaking of shadowy government figures that are telling the witnesses not to speak about their experiences. Are the UFOs really demons, as Darren says? If so, is the government working for Satan? When Brad confronts Keith on what he thinks of the Bible, Keith says that he believes it is the one true word of God. He realizes he has been a fool for not reading his Bible every day, and runs to his cabinet to retrieve it. I had to laugh as the word King James Version were printed on the spine in bright, gold letters. Seems the one true word of God comes in many different versions, eh? After a long series of repetitive interviews and arguments (classic Christiano!), the movie comes to a hasty conclusion that offers absolutely zero resolution for any of the story arcs. There's a sort of scare that convinces Brad that "that Christian 'Rapture' thing" may be happening, see, because atheists have never heard of the Rapture before. Then Darren finishes in a very shocking manner, telling Brad that he has nothing to worry about since obviously God doesn't exist... or does he? It's interesting: these movies never seem to offer any reasons TO believe in God/Jesus, and instead their arguments invariably boil down to, "Well, what if we're right? Won't you be sad?" It's never, "This is why we're right." It's always, always some sort of version of Pascal's Wager where the Christian guy shrugs and says that he's lost nothing if God doesn't exist, but the atheist guy is going to have to burn in eternal torment if he's wrong. Of course, the Christian guy never seems to consider the possibility that Judaism, Islam, or any one of the hundreds of other Christian denominations could be the correct one. And he never realizes that if he's wrong, he hasn't "lost nothing" -- he's lost much of his life. Unidentified is not absurd enough to be funny, as many of the Christiano brothers' other films are. But luckily, it's also not so repetitive as to be painfully dull... as many of the Christiano brothers' other films are. In the realm of Christian cinema, most of this movie is pretty okay. But the third act's complete disregard for every plot-line that had come before really, really hurts the film. Really.

Darren D (es) wrote: Low budget but effective horror movie. Suspenseful and creepy right until the end, which is what you expect from a horror movie. Worth watching!

Sarfara A (nl) wrote: Millions British comedy-fantasy-drama film directed by Danny Boyle (Oscar-winner for Slumdog Millionaire). Starring Alex Etel, Lewis McGibbon, and James Nesbitt. The screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce adapted his novel 'Millions'. John Murphy provides memorable fantasy-music for the film - which, in my opinion, is the wonderful piece of work and spirit to be composed for this tender movie. 7-year-old Damian (Alex) is a devout Catholic school boy, he movies with his father and older brother Anthony to new suburb after the death of his mother. Damien finds bag of money flung from a passing train. Damian informs his brother it. Damien being religious and kind wants to help poor people, while Anthony wants the money all to himself. Danny Boyale's Millions is all what the term 'million - money' be about. It's precise in educating the immediate European struggle to conversion of central money into Euros, especially in the Britain. Poor people in need of the money, the charities and far-flung communities in the Africa, desperate for clean-water. In Millions director Boyale briefly lets the audience hear famous British show 'Who Want's To Be A Millionaire' (a show over which he would ultimately make his Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire - as well as best Director Oscar award). Entire cast is charming and bubbly, they delve into plot. Religiously movie should not be a universal-phenomenon for non-Catholic but the message of the movie is no doubt universal-perspective; to care for one another, and look after poor people and to have human feelings toward each other.

Andrea B (us) wrote: powerful and symbolic story set against the haunting landscape of the iran / iraq border. with raw and uncompromising acting and imagery i thought the emotional intensity of the film could have been cranked up even higher to leave more of a lingering impression. great 2 see a young, female director from this part of the world bringing local stories to the big screen, must look up her other works.

Paul A (it) wrote: interesting to see bugs so close up, amazing quality for something filmed in 1996. love the soundtrack, was a little slow at parts, would of liked a little more dialogue to know what was going on.

Greg W (es) wrote: one of my favourite woody allen pics-still makes me laugh

Harry W (au) wrote: Jeremy Irons is what makes Reversal of Fortune the memorable feature that it is. His final line in the film instantly changed my perception of his entire performance. For the majority of Reversal of Fortune, I found that Jeremy Irons' performance was in a role too small to be deemed a leading role and that his performance was somewhat emotionless. Within the final line of the film, I fully embraced what he had done the entire time. Jeremy Irons refused to show emotions in his portrayal of Claus Von Bulow because then the viewer may determine whether he was guilty or innocent, and in his final line viewers become mesmerised at how he handles the one moment. Although his performance feels more like a supporting role, he is good. I didn't think it was anything Academy Award worthy though.I thought that although her screen time was hugely inconsistent, I found Glenn Close to be a pleasingly good presence in Reversal of Fortune as Sunny von Bulow who acted her character's disabilities well.And Ron Silver kept his portion of the story interesting with his portrayal of Alan Dershowitz being intelligent and insightful, keeping things interesting when he was on screen.Also, the script in Reversal of Fortune is clever as it is strongly insightful into conveying an understanding of the functioning legal system to its viewers, even to the simple minded and those interested in law.But Reversal of Fortune ultimately failed to entertain me.For one thing, Reversal of Fortune does not feature a sufficiently entertaining plot or characters that I really found myself caring about. I only found myself interested in the story of Alan Dershowitz as he was the most determined and interesting character of the story, which is strange considering the fact that the story is about a supposed attempted murdererAlso, a problem is that the structure in Reversal of Fortune delves back and fourth between flashbacks, direct events involving Claus von Bulow and the efforts by Alan Dershowitz to overturn the case. The constant change in storyline makes the direction of the story ambiguous and its intentions unclear, and in the end I had walked away from it it confused and lacking in entertainment.Reversal of Fortune is a dated film. The day we live in harbours different standards which it fails to live up to, but its well acted.

Scott A (it) wrote: Pretty good adventure movie in the Heidi franchise. It works as a good period piece, but also as a nice coming of age film about a bunch of girls that have escaped a basic sweat shop posing as an Orphanage.I will say the two people running the scam are pretty evil bad guys. I really liked the girls that played Heidi and Ursula. Very good young actresses, but seems they never really did much else.Sheen is pretty good here to, if not a tad old looking for his role.The only thing I didn't like was the skiing bit in the end and how the ending really doesn't tie up all the loose ends as much I had wanted it to.

Ugly T (es) wrote: Le Horl de G. De Maupassaint ...i have huge collection of horror books (no modern horror,pls) and the movie it's great. Honest, Perfect Judge Cordier (V.Price) has been possessed by le Horl when he visited a condemned to death. Cordier kills the man to protect himself. Le Horl is a spirit but it's his dark side, effectly. Cordier has the hobby to be sculptor, and he pick up a nice model and then became lovers. But the Horl asks he killed her (nice and cold Vincent!) . Cordier realizes that he must destroy himself so to stop the evilness...ending it's a Corman-a-like fire.

Paul P (it) wrote: After all these years it still shakes me up when hearing about the holocaust. I know that's a good thing but you'd figure after all the books, movies and documentaries that it would dull the effect, but it doesn't. And when you see a film as direct and well done as 'Night and Fog' it rocks you to your core. The mixing of old black and white footage of the concentration camps with color footage of the still standing desolate camps has a great impact. The narration by Michel Bouquet is calm and blunt. Pair that with the music and it adds a disturbing quality to the film.

Steve E (jp) wrote: SPOILERS! Superb French film, with two of the best actors the cinema has given us. Very popular and respected in France, but also known internationally, solid story, and very engaging. The last 15 mins are very tense, and the ending very sad. This is clearly not a feel good Hollywood film, it's more along the brutal realism of the inherent injustices of the justice system. A man who is pursued by his criminal past, who upon his release from prison after a 10 year incarceration, finds himself a good job, works hard, and stays clean, rejects propositions of old-time criminal buddies. But an obsessed and arrogant cop follows him everywhere, harasses him, and disturbs his life in every possible way, until the former inmate just cracks under the extreme treatment he is subjected to from the arrogant and persecuting cop. Fate will bring nothing but tragedy for this man, who gives his best shot at coming clean, but destiny deals him real bad cards.

Alex r (fr) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining film, The Condemned manages to be a fun, entertaining two hours of low budget filmmaking. The concept is a bit derivative from Gamer, which I quite enjoyed, but nonetheless, this is a worthy action thriller well worth your time if you enjoy a low budget action popcorn ride. Well thought out despite a few clichd ideas, The Condemned is a cool film for what it is, and it does manage to entertain you well enough for two hours and the film is pretty solidly executed for low budget filmmaking. Before going into this one, expect something enjoyable and mindless and you're sure to like it. The film has its weak moments of course, but this is sheer must see material for action buffs. The script, acting and the setting are quite interesting, and well thought out. I thought that Vinnie Jones and Steve Austin were quite good here, and they delivered something truly intense, unflinching and above all riveting. This is one of those movies that shouldn't be passed up due to its sheer entertainment value. I recommend this film to anyone that loves the genre, and even if it's a formulaic idea, it's still fun to watch because there are enough action moments to make this one stand out among other low budget action film. The film is flawed, but nonetheless, it's a worthy affair, a film that is riveting, action packed and never dull. For action buffs, The Condemned is cool, thrilling and a must see piece of film that deserves to be seen by a larger audience. Due to its low budget status, and terrific, engaging action and concept, I'm sure that this film will surely become a future cult classic, as it most definitely deserves it.

Nani V (it) wrote: I used to get excited as a kid when this would come on tv! LOL