Forgotten Silver

Forgotten Silver

An epic documentary chronicling the extraordinary, unbelievable life of pioneer Kiwi filmmaker Colin McKenzie. Or is it?

Forgotten Silver is a mockumentary which details the prodigious life of "lost" filmmaker Colin McKenzie and his incredible advances that were lost to history...until now. This supergenius ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Forgotten Silver torrent reviews

Ryan P (fr) wrote: Halrious and brilliant.

Anthony W (fr) wrote: horrible movie, bad actors, very.boring and slow. I turned it off 20 minutes in.

Ronald S (nl) wrote: Boring and overlong.

Tyler S (de) wrote: Just a very phenomenal film. The acting was really what stood out here along with exceptional storytelling. Edward Norton stole the show with his usual believable performance about a man about to face 7 years in prison.The movie did a fantastic job of flashing back to the past in certain moments to recall how and when he got to the point.He has one last night he spends with friends and his girlfriend.The movie explores themes of loss, friendship, family, and regret. It really looks at the decision making in life and how making certain decisions can change your life forever. Spike Lee glorified NYC here and it really showed. It really made those even out of New York realize the culture there and how special it is. Just phenomenal performances all around by all those involved and again top notch story telling and dialogue scenes.

kelly (ca) wrote: A great cast does nothing for this scattered, cliched, and goofy script. Still - and this may just be the great cast - there is an undeniable cheeky charm to this film that makes it memorable. But if you want a REAL film that blends drama and comedy into an absorbing believable world of fully fleshed out chracters, skip this amateurish attempt at capturing the plight of the American cannabis farmer and instead enjoy Humboldt County.

Mara A (us) wrote: MySpace advertising wore me out.

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: There's been a ton of 'It's a Wonderful Life' rip offs, but I wanted to be reminded of the time where James Belushi and Jon Lovitz were actually popular, for whatever reason. It baffled me when I was younger, and it baffles me even more now. The movie is awful in every way, but Michael Caine somehow manages to come away unscathed. Unfortunately, 'Mike' couldn't change the outcome of the film.

Dawn S (gb) wrote: One of my all time favorites

Paul D (jp) wrote: As nice as it was to see Sean Connery return for an "unofficial" Bond film, it still didn't help hide the fact that watching paint dry is more entertaining! Too many of these 80's Bond movies have horrible scripts! At least Kim Basinger was smoking hot in this.

Federico F (de) wrote: Great reboot of a never-ending saga of a new and captivating 007, played by a big Daniel Craig, who seems to have embodied the true James Bond

Jonathon P (ca) wrote: Don't know how it got a PG rating, ??. Makes you not want to get into the water, whatcha I think was goal!