Formula for a Murder

Formula for a Murder

The film opens in 1960 Boston with an 11 year old girl encountering a faceless maniac dressed as a priest who gives her a doll. As is the way in the modern world that’s not all he wants to give her and whilst trying to escape, the girl (off screen) falls down a flight of steps, breaking her back which confines her to a wheelchair. 25 years later the victim, Joanna (Christina Nagy), is revealed as being a wealthy heiress who has put some of her funds into establishing a sports centre for paraplegics. She plans to also donate a substantial sum to the local church. However, someone else fancies the cash and will flash a razor in anyone's face to get it. Father Peter (Loris Lodi), a close friend of Joanna's and the priest who will be accepting the generous cash donation, is murdered in his confessional box, his throat slit.

David Warbeck stars an instructor who marries a traumatized, crippled woman. The wife is tormented by a traumatic event that happended. What is even more unfortunate is that her marriage is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayley P (br) wrote: So many "oh my god just grab that heavy object, right there!" moments.

Jared H (kr) wrote: An interesting portrait of a stressed out Mormon family. It takes some guts for the Romneys to allow this kind of access to their internal conversations, and to put it out there for the world to see. But what we immediately realize is that they are, pretty much, just as clean-cut as they portray themselves to be. In some ways that's nice to see, and in other ways, you can't help but wish they would start swearing at one another to make it a little more interesting. All in all, it's an entertaining rewind to the last two presidential elections from a very unique viewpoint. And it's without an overt partisan agenda... there's nothing to lose anymore, so there's no need for spin.

Sean L (br) wrote: BAD hair & lip injections

Simon D (es) wrote: Interesting story which imagines what could have happened if Germany had won the war. It describes how Hitler may have tried to cover up his worst crimes. It is basically a crime/conspiracy drama which keeps your attention throughout. Quite good and thought provoking.

Jamie B (it) wrote: For what it is, it's very entertaining. Maybe a little too much like Evil Dead, but it does it well and with enough variety that i would recommend it.

Sara P (it) wrote: If Fallen and Virtuosity had a poorly written movie love child with special effects worse than Brainscan, this would be it. Terrible, but I was somehow still mildly entertained. Maybe it was the soundtrack?

Auttie R (ag) wrote: One of the few Horror movies that I actually enjoy.

Ian P (kr) wrote: vintage prison of war drama from the German perspective

David C (ru) wrote: i think it was a good story between 2 people. no matter circumstance in the end were all just people.

John Eric D (kr) wrote: One of the best narrative action drama I've seen.. I think this is one of those current Mel Gibson movies that really has that spot for a long long time. You can see the influence of the money here as hell in prison makes everything interesting. Good plot, good acting and very interesting from start till finish I never get bored on it. Gringo as a criminal then gringo as a bad ass.. 4 out of 5