Första divisionen

Första divisionen

The year is 1941 and Nazi Germany is at its peak. Hitler's army is storming into Russia. Sweden stands lonely and isolated while the air force is training intensely due to a coming attack. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher L (us) wrote: Delves fearlessly into its own absurdity and is unashamedly juvenile. What a lovely, hilarious little film.

Manami K (jp) wrote: I didn't know the incident.. but it was terrible anyway.. I don't know why people had to hurt others. For what? ..but actually I can not, I shouldn't mention anything about such a thing. I just hope eventually there would be no more these things in the world and we can live happily altogether. The movie was great, especially the script.

Michelle L (nl) wrote: the beauty of no cable is watching old movies like this

Daniel S (es) wrote: An above average drama that focus's on storytelling and emotion with a great performance from Deniro.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Weird movie finds Chow Yun Fat as a monk who is protecting a scroll that gives the reader unimaginable powers of wirework and sometimes gravity defying and telekinesis. This doesn't rank among Chow Yun Fat's better films, as the movie is filled with faux style martial arts, so everyone is flipping and the editing is quick and they are trying to pass off the fact that no one in the film actually knows martial arts. Throw in a plot more cheesy than gas station nachos, and you get a Nazi supervillain, tons of nondescript henchmen, and a very forgettable action flick.

Ryan V (de) wrote: It incorporates a lot of footage from the first film, due to lack of permission to be present for new footage. Still, if you had any shred of belief that the West Memphis Three were guilty of the murders at Robin Hood Hills, that belief should evaporate after viewing this.

William M (gb) wrote: I heard it is a classic so I have to see it

Jason M (de) wrote: A unique character study of a complex and troubled person working through past grievances from a failed marriage. The theme throughout the film is wine and takes place in the Napa Valley region. Single adults and new age wine aficionados will enjoy this film as it deals with cabs, merlots, zinfandels, etc. in almost every dialogue. Better suited to the novice wine up-and-comer though as they can use this film as a mirror to how they sound to other people.Well acted and carried by Paul Giamatti, the film literally depicts 4 people moving "sideways" in their lives, much to their chagrin. This film can also find an audience with the older single adult crowd, who may relate to the challenged of finding a suitable life partner.

Jeff Z (ag) wrote: Lizabeth Scott! Dan Duryea! Arthur Kennedy! Don Defore! With a script by Roy Huggins! The only thing missing is Raymond Burr. Terrific film noir about a couple who accidently come up on $60,000 in small unmarked bills. Should they turn it in or keep it? Dan Dureyea wants it back. Very well done story with a lot of great twists and turns. Good location shooting at Union Station and other spots in Los Angeles. Kristine Miller is a little stiff as Kennedy's sister, but she is more of a classic beauty than the wicked Scott. A must-see for noir fans.