Fort Apache the Bronx

Fort Apache the Bronx

In New York, South Bronx's main police precinct is nicknamed Fort Apache by its employees who feel like troopers surrounded by hostiles in a wild west isolated outpost.

From the sight of a police officer this movie depicts the life in New York's infamous South Bronx. In the center is "Fort Apache", as the officers call their police station, which really ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fort Apache the Bronx torrent reviews

John G (kr) wrote: decent in parts... that's all

Anas T (fr) wrote: Excellent movie. The interpretation of the child actors is amazing! The story line follows more or less the plot from the book, which allows the movie to be more human sometimes.

Luca V (us) wrote: A great cast and very intriguing premise is butchered with an extremely poorly-written script and a slow, boring pace. This film had so much potential but sadly failed to be a hit.

Teresa S (nl) wrote: Loved it, esp because I work at Tesla. The time of the EV is now!

Sudeshna M (ru) wrote: Very depressing movie,. Though the direction and execution very smooth. It has lot of substance to say. John Abraham first time tried some off beat role to prove himself. He needs more maturity to make this kind of role though. But he tried his best to achieve it.

Jason Z (ag) wrote: A big improvement from Quantum of Solace but still does not compare to Casino Royale.

Lerry J (it) wrote: this is very good. trust me. hehehe.

Brandon S (it) wrote: Very sad Kaurismaki film that is also short, didn't seem to be long enough for any major development of the characters. That said the film is put together very well the audience will feel sorry for the lead character, but once things get into motion it's too late and the credits roll. Still a must for Aki Kaurismaki fans.

John E (nl) wrote: Some of the acting was a bit dry, but it was still an imaginative story.

Catherine R (br) wrote: killer soundtrack and story line.

Tyler R (ag) wrote: This movie brings back memories. The movie has aged pretty well and is still funny and entertaining.

HM A (fr) wrote: absolutely awesome <> james role was great , with the detective thing . just spectacular !

M C (us) wrote: A very goofy and (unintentionally) funny movie that feels boring sometimes, but in all is a silly good time. 10/100

Bradley K (us) wrote: An interesting interpretation of the Western in a modern setting, filled with car chases filmed like horse pursuit, old school Mexican stand-offs and sociopolitical commentary.

Sean M (ca) wrote: I'm a big fan of Lindsay Anderson's work and enjoyed this gritty, northern drama.

Daniel V (br) wrote: Al Bundy's favorite movie. I kinda liked it too. I'm glad I'm starting to discover the Duke.

Doctor Dan B (us) wrote: Interesting in that it doesn't try and do a Hollywood ending. However, it just didn't manage to build up any tension for me.

K C (es) wrote: Really? This may be the biggest pile of shit EVER. Look, If I wanna check porn, I'll go check some porn. This is a hilarious attempt at art porn.......ala Brownbunny which sucked to high heaven. No pun intended. The problem here is that you don't get see anyone who's actually somewhat famous blow someone. Weak and a waste of time. How these "actors" especially the chick, could do this shit is beyond me. Crappy acting, shitty tunes and less than erotic screwing.

Orlando O (br) wrote: The Other Side of the Door is a dull supernatural horror film, that follows with stupid clichs of characters choices, cheap jolts of scares, and an unbelievable drama that is poorly written. Usually, clich horror movies has characters being told numerous times about a bad idea and what not to do, like "whatever you do, do not open the door." One character is told about not opening the door after hearing voices to her dead son in a temple that brings there spirit closer to the living. We can all guess, what happens from there when she is hearing her son's voice. She opens the door, and every supernatural situations begin. Like her daughter is being threatened, and she is seeing these ritual natives stalking her and so on. These characters are poorly written, when it comes to the married couple and them having difficult time after losing there son in a car accident. And the mother is struggling with the survivors remorse, after she could only save one of her children. Conveniently, the mother's housekeeper knows a burial ground and a place she could hear her son one last time. The film does have a lot of cheap scares that is rather boring than exciting. A lot of moments of waiting a scene roll by with an eerie temple and something about to lurk out of nowhere or seeing the characters walk around there big house and seeing something lurking in the background. The direction is rather tedious with dull characters, and lacking in scares and thrills