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Fortalezas torrent reviews

Charles L (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Its been over a year and I keep thinking about it. The world created in this movie is unique, interesting and plays out well. A great combination of science fiction and personal stories. "Is a Beethoven symphony any less beautiful because you know the score?" (not sure of the quote verbatim.)

Zach R (us) wrote: Pathetic. Not worth anyone's time.

Briian S (nl) wrote: I was expecting a more powerful ending, but all in all, it was a very well shot and very well put together film with pretty good performances from it's leads. I was expecting a little more, but it was in no way a bad movie.

Dannielle A (nl) wrote: A delightful movie. Very quotable, funny, and relaxing to watch.

Todd G (ru) wrote: What...the...helll? Why did John Williams choose to do the music to this horrible film?

David H (br) wrote: An enjoyable enough film from the turn of the 70s, showing some early paranoia about computers. Covers some interesting concepts!

Harry W (ca) wrote: Chappie is a dumb film, whilst it may not be bad it is definitely dumb. It doesn't really connect with its audience at all, at least that's how I felt as it doesn't seem to loosen its perspective to attempt to engage in any other kinds of genre other than pseudo-technological robocop rehash. It also seems to be a bit of an overlong, high-budget tour DVD bonus feature of a Die Antwoord release, explicitly focusing so much on the talented rap duo and featuring their real names. Are they playing themselves? Is it satire? Is it just supposed to be a good film and not thought about and probed into? The only question I can answer is should you watch this and and try to work out the answers yourself? My answer is no. It's a shame to see Dev Patel and Sigourney Weaver succumb to lows like Chappie. The ham-fisted goofiness just didn't charm me, it's an unattractive film.

Bjarke L (kr) wrote: Awful, awful, AWFUL script: plot full of holes leading nowhere in particular, TERRIBLE dialogue, unbelievable characters, and idelogical content a parody of boring, left-leaning, political correctness (Good Black Guy trusts the protagonist, "because he has friendly eyes") marred by attempts at satire (Rich Texan is illiterate). Nice soundtrack, nice production design.

Daniel E (gb) wrote: Never caught this when it came out. really enjoyed it. Darkly funny and ,macabre with a brilliant soundtrack from Damon Albarn and Micheal Nyman