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Pio William L (us) wrote: It gives you pretty much everything you ask for this movie. It give a little cry, laugh, sadness. Best One Piece movie.

luke v (jp) wrote: this movie is very disappointing I thought it was going to be a lot funnier and just a lot better also it came out on my birthday and I couldn't wait to see it and even back then I didn't really like it. its really rushed not really good animation and boring characters with a boring story this is another one you can skip.

Laura E (nl) wrote: Message in a bottle is one of the most underrated films. I cant seem to understand why most of the viewers don't realize its not a romantic comedy, nor a Disney movie, but a romantic drama. The same as in real life, love stories don't have the perfect happy ending. Perhaps the key element to retrieve from the film is letting go of the past while keeping the most precious moments of it in your hearts.

Evan H (au) wrote: This movie is heartwarming and has a GREAT cast!! It's a true gay classic drama, and it deserves more recognition!

Abby M (mx) wrote: Jet Li can surely kick some [email protected]*

Matt M (jp) wrote: judging by Macaulay's gesture on the cover, this movie should be ok, but I'm skeptical...

Timothy S (au) wrote: I've always found it kind of amazing when a particular artist can excel and be so gifted in one medium but flounder so helplessly in another, Such is the case with Bill Cosby, one of the most popular stand-up comedians ever and star of one of the most beloved TV sitcoms of all time. Despite all of that talent, his film career never took off and perhaps only he can explain why he continues to choose projects such as "Ghost Dad."This is a dreadful comedy built around the premise of a father orphaning his three children, and only then does he realize how important his family really is. Although this is pegged as a family friendly comedy, that very premise may lead to some uncomfortable conversations with young children who go see this, not to mention all the questions it will leave for the adults in the audience.The film seems to bend its own rules to suit whatever lame bit it has lined up next. The kids can hear their father, but others cannot. Sometimes he can pick things up, other times he cannot. The three screenwriters that came up with this junk can't seem to keep any of it straight. The rest of it is a mess of horrible special effects and redundant cliches (overworked dad who finally sees what is important, business meetings that are strained and allegedly comedic), and at the center of it all is a desperate-to-be-liked Cosby mugging for the camera."Ghost Dad" is a painfully unfunny film, aimlessly wandering through one pointless scene after the next.

J K (br) wrote: I get it. You take one side of the pill you're a good guy, you take the other side and you're a wackjob.

Sean P (de) wrote: I know Terry O'quinn is a great actor, so I watched him reprise his role in this franchise. I struggled through this one, and after realizing TO will not be doing any further appearances in the stepfather movies, I am not prompted to see the third installment.

Roland J (it) wrote: Terribly weak film, with a plot that is a complete mess and exaggerated acting from Eastwood and Reynolds. I was surprised that the end product was so weak considering the potential of having two of the really big names in the same picture. People said Righteous Kill with De Niro and Pacino was bad, but this is way worse.

Brian L (br) wrote: It's like Almost Famous except Meat Loaf hits on Debbie Harry but she ends up leaving with a midget.. and then Meat Loaf is about to deflower a 16-year old groupie but is interrupted by a UFO... and it starts and ends in Texas. Plus Alice Cooper, Roy Orbison, AND Hank Jr..

Bjorn O (mx) wrote: Mako Mnnsikohajen hette den hr p svensk hyrfilm, femman har ven visat den.Mycket trevlig och aningen seg, bara riktiga hajar i hela filmen.

Paul D (it) wrote: Sometimes its hard to watch and remember its a comedy, as the humour isn't that forthcoming.

James H (ca) wrote: "B" World War II film, fast paced, well done with a few touches of comic relief. Good cast. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but still entertaining.

Luke P (br) wrote: A horrifying depiction of war from the perspective of a couple thrown in the middle. Sydow's character is a weak but loving husband, who ultimately breaks upon the crushing of his pride. One of a handful of films that draws emotions from me by image alone.