Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Darren Aronofsky Student Film.

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Bryce R (de) wrote: Absolute trash. The sequel made no sense and just dribbled on with more nonsense. Characters were as interesting as paint, and the flow of the movie jumped around from scene to scene like a jack rabbit with no sense of direction. Awful movie one of the worst I've seen; it seemed like the direction of this movie was to inspire a lot of millennials but honestly it spoils the movie making it so corny.

Wayde N (es) wrote: Saw this alone in a freezing empty cinema in Singapore and it provided quite a few chills. Not the same at home on the DVD player but it still had a few novel scares, especially the climatic ending. The real gem may be the relationship between the characters played by the adorable Erika Sawajiri and Chinatsu Wakatsuki.

Brian P (au) wrote: Extremely boring. Do not bother watching, absolute waste of time.

Bobby D (au) wrote: A little predictable at times, but Foxx and the supporting cast really chew up the dialogue and scenes. Berg stages some really effective action scenes. A pleasant surprise.

Godsif S (br) wrote: One of the best animated movies!

Pasha A (ca) wrote: Meaningless. I like the church scene.

kyo 9 (ru) wrote: muuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Adam R (it) wrote: Playful and fun. Rik Mayall is entertaining as an imaginary friend. (First viewing - In my early twenties)

Jerry S (ag) wrote: Ain't even funny as a failure.Malcolm McDowell's name brings lots of bad luck. If he is in a movie, you can be sure it equals to be a shit. This mindless shooter film ain't not even worth to be watch with bunch of guys, 'cause it has so much talking it will numb people down and some will even leave in the middle of it.

Kris H (ca) wrote: Horrible and hilarious!

Brian B (mx) wrote: Excellent! Snipes is tailor made for Blade!

Russell H (fr) wrote: Great movie! Denzel and Will Patton are great in their roles. Awesome feel-good, sports movie.

Jim F (fr) wrote: I'd marry Hilary Swank