Fortunes of War

Fortunes of War

When Canadian diplomat Carl Pimmler sends his friend Peter Kernan and his wife Johanna to deliver medicine to the deep jungles of Cambodia, but Peter gets more than he bargained for when the journey ends in a fight for survival. Peter must use his experience and knowledge of South East Asia to get them out of this dangerous mess.

When Canadian diplomat Carl Pimmler sends his friend Peter Kernan and his wife Johanna deep into the jungles of Cambodia to deliver a truck load of medicine, he fails to tell him about true... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave N (it) wrote: didn't expect to enjoy this as much as i did!

Nishlank J (mx) wrote: This is an intelligently composed, crisply edited, sometimes amusing, but otherwise unremarkable cross/double cross gangster picture.

Pablo C (br) wrote: Pobre perrito del espacio

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