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Foto torrent reviews

Tom W (it) wrote: I gave it a half a star because it was so totally bad it was actually slightly entertaining to watch and see what else lame they could do.

Terminator 8 (jp) wrote: Ha Kyle Gass and Jack Black are so funny in this movie!

Fidela B (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Excellent cast. Didn't know most of the dialogue was improvised.

Charlie M (ag) wrote: A killer croc hits Maine and a town is terrorized in this campy horror pic.

Lori R (mx) wrote: Wow. You've got to see this one. About the Russian-Afghani war.

Rex S (fr) wrote: Awful movie. Not the least bit entertaining and an implausible, incoherent mess. Duvall is fine as usual but the story is ridiculous to the point of absurd.

Keith R (gb) wrote: Excellent movie! But so, so depressing!!

Sgt C (it) wrote: (47%)Taking a TV series that is 1970's to a tee and recreating it in a modern setting hasn't really worked here, as beyond the title this is hardly anything like the TV programme. The show was mainly about cops pushing their power to breaking point to get the job done and reaping the consequence afterwards, even if they were indeed successful. While here it's about the more clear cut elements from the show like shoot outs and car chases as the interesting ideas of the show play second fiddle to sub "Heat" style action. So forget the Sweeney tag on as it is a gimmick, and just try to enjoy this low-budget cop show for what it's worth.