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Fotografen från Riga


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Henry J (de) wrote: A good movie that teaches kids about teamwork and getting along.

Steve S (fr) wrote: a pretty creeped out low budget horror film, with not the greatest gore effects, but the implication is there, and it feels like enough. not the greatest acting at all, but fans of this genre ussually ignore these follies. the best thing, i'd say, was the ending, which was really creepy.

Addison H (br) wrote: I simply enjoyed seeing Fin, from Glee, exposed as the terrible actor that he is. Even though this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it is justified through said exposure.

Kaely H (es) wrote: play it loud. Ed Harris makes the beast come alive.

Allegra F (ag) wrote: It was alright. I really, really hated Frank and Ollie's mom. She was absolutely disgusting. If she KNEW her kid was being abused by her boyfriend, why the heck wouldn't she leave him until AFTER the court gave custody to his father? Awful. I also hated her lawyer. He was disgusting. Ollie's dad's orientation was irrelevant to his ability to care for him - he was just a homophobe who brought his prejudice to the case and purported it as fact. Disgusting. I think the movie would've been better if it didn't end so abruptly. Or maybe if it spent more time exploring Ollie's emotions - obviously he doesn't want to be in an abusive situation, but he said he still wanted to live with his mom, but also with his dad. So is he happier with his dad now that he's with him (yet he has sole custody so he is not also with his mom)? It's kind of unclear.

Michael W (au) wrote: Concert film and documentary on rock pioneer Chuck Berry on his 60th birthday. Very nicely filmed at St Louis' Fox Theater. Chuck definitely brought much more to the table than simply inspiring the Judas Priest cover of Johnny Be Good.

Paul P (jp) wrote: Albert Finney and Diane Keaton are great. Takes such a painful and realistic view on divorce. Then all the sudden they have two scenes near the end that are so far out in left field you feel tricked that you actually cared.

Caesar M (ru) wrote: This comic book adaptation is not for everyone, it's campy, goofy, corny, and over the top. Than again, it's campy, goofy, corny, and over the top enough to be enjoyable. Danger:Diabolik is about super-thief Diabolik who runs around stealing jewels, gold, murdering innocent people, and being a nuisance to the government of a generic European country. First off, the plot has allot of padding and shows us things we really don't want to see. I doubt me seeing Diabolik not put the money he in stole in a safe, driving through his base which takes forever, and having sex with Eve, Diabolik (very hot) girlfriend is really important. When it does have a story to tell it's decent, though somwhat rediculous like the hilariously bad dubbing. One rediculous moment involve Diabolik shooting a villian 11 times with diamonds in his machine gun, is that even possible? Or a moment where Diabolik catapults a dummy with his clothes into the sea to avoid being captured, where he got the dummy is a mysterey. The only downside to the story is that the ending leaves something to be desired, though it's filled with enough explosions and humor to make the viewing experience worth it. The green screen effects are pretty dated here to the point where part of a man leg disappears in mid-air but it adds some charm to it and some good laughs. The same goes with the campy music which doesn't exactly go with the movie all the time, but it's fun to listen to and is simply there to entertain. As for the for the cast, everybody besides our main man gets plenty of speaking lines. It's odd that our main character gets little to no speaking lines, heck even his girlfriend has more lines than him and she barely speaks. Now to be honest she's not here because she can act, she's only here to be eye candy which is fine by me since they didn't sterotype blondes and she easy one eyes. Danger Diabolik might be to rediclous and cheesy for some viewers to enjoy, but I had fun with it. While not for everyone, if you're looking for a campy comic adaptation aside of Marvels and DC go ahead and try Danger Diabolik.

Craig W (es) wrote: If you can get past the uncomfortable subject matter, there is a lot of laughs to be had.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: I loved Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylors' first "Crank" so much that I was at the first screening when this sequel opened here in San Francisco. I was expecting it to amusing, but I didn't expect it to be as innovative or goofy-twisted as the first movie. I was wrong. If anything, "Crank: High Voltage" is actually even more obscene, bizarre, profane, sick and twisted than the first film. In comparison to "Crank"'s original fast/drug-fueled pace -- this twisted sequel is even more frantic in pace. I'm not even sure how to compare the manic way this film propels itself forward. Once again, Jason Statham, Amy Smart and Dwight Yoakam manage to amp their bold, broad and hysterical performances to match these two filmmaker's devotion to the obscenity that is essentially Crank 2. Everything is bigger, faster, more transgressive, sicker and -- well, "wrong-er" -- If we thought Statham and Smarts' sex scene in the first film was funny, here the same idea is taken to a whole new level of perversity. Poor Jason Statham pushes the envelop with the deft-defying action sequences. They are jaw-dropping. This is an even more fun gleeful speed race through the inappropriate humor, strangely-involved plot and convulsive violence than the first film. Can't believe it, but this sequel is better than the first filmI really and truly love the "Crank" movies. In their own deeply sick and twisted hearts. ...please note I have pluralized the word "heart." -- this movie is firmly hellbent on beating its first chapter with sheer defiance and incorrect logic. Love it.

Oliver N (ca) wrote: With both Ford and Connery at their absolute peaks, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade returns to a more comedic, action-packed venture for our beloved hero. Featuring sturdy action that still grips audiences today - and funny banter between the two leads - this third entry will always be remembered as one of the strongest sequels in cinema history... Enough to even possibly overtake the original's throne.Verdict: A+

Andrew S (gb) wrote: Derivative and forgettable overall. Take Me Home tonight may have a nice feel to it and a genuine tone of an 80s comedy but it seems to forget to make any actual jokes or do anything truly memorable.

Bob W (ca) wrote: Giving new meaning to slow burn, new director Geoghegan's old school outing is filled with memorable homages to horror classics of the past, especially Fulci's House by the Cemetery, and a solid older cast (instead of teenagers for once). A decision to stay in the 70's and avoid all the technology limitations of recent fare, this atmospheric, gory fright fest will make you think twice about a trip to the country, and definitely avoid your cellar.

Brandon M (ca) wrote: An entertaining and surprisingly deep movie, despite some cheesy jokes throughout.