Fotógrafo de señoras

Fotógrafo de señoras


Catrasca is a photojournalist with a fondness for women of all kinds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anatoly S (au) wrote: An okay documentary on NOTLD. Mostly people who weren't involved with it talking about symbolism & cultural importance. Best bits are actual Romero interviews, the rest not so great. Needed more Romero.

Tonya V (gb) wrote: It was a bit slow but I liked this one because it was honest.

Layla H (mx) wrote: As it turns out, suicide is not really funny, but Alexander Skarsgard in drag is.

Amanda W (ru) wrote: it makes me want to board right here and now.

David W (ru) wrote: Well. That was different... It wasn't good, at all, but I am still oddly glad that I watched it. I don't quite understand how that is.

Alex T (ca) wrote: Farid was supposed to be a teenager? I didn't like the way that the film seemed not to leave any gray area between prostitution and fundamentalism, but it was interesting that the usual father-son roles in the old country-new country question were reversed. Om Puri was also good.

Jamey D (it) wrote: I was not particularly impressed with this film. I think this, like The Rocketeer, would have worked a hell of a lot better had Disney created the Touchstone label for IT. One thing I have a big problem with is the police are extremely hateable in this film. Watching it also makes me feel really stupid. The plot and pacing just wasn't good.I suggest skipping this one.

Omar M (kr) wrote: An excellent excellent film, anchored with a great Gene Hackman performance (is there anyone better)? A sun soaked 70s noir, full of bitterness, bleakness, post watergate paranoill and all those other markers of great slow paced 70s cinema. Plus it has Kenneth Mars in it.

Timothy B (it) wrote: A high point in British cinema. There is an amazing cast - just look at the second tier roles - and they all carry out their craft to the highest level (Sean Connery, Sid James, William Hartnell - the first Dr Who and Herbert Lom. But the moments to enjoy most are when Stanley Baker faces off to Patrick McGoohan: Two men who want to be on top, one because he is there to win and the other to survive. Great stuff.

Scott B (ru) wrote: Despite liberties being taken with the story, An Adventure in Space and Time is a heartfelt and emotional tribute to the greatest science fiction show ever made.

Dave H (us) wrote: Not particularly scary for horror movie aficionados , but it wasn't mean to be. This is gentle thriller, if such things exist, kinda a cross between Hitchcock and Spielberg. I've watched multiple audiences jump out of their seats at various jump scenes, but this is mostly a fun, character-based mystery thriller designed to build suspense and provide a lot of chuckles rather than leave one feeling terrified. Marshall was a long-term producer of Spielberg's when he first tried directing with this, and while his technical skill and visual sense is very generic compared to SS, one area where he compares favourably (arguably even tops) the master is the casting and the character work. Apart from an overly-long/indulgent scientific prologue (which actually presages Jurassic Park in some ways), once the film hits Canima, the character work excels - even the minor roles are fleshed out with snips of dialogue and background detail and all brilliantly performed. Goodman gets the most laughs, but Daniels holds the entire thing together like the pro he has always been. This film is wry, funny, fun, a little suspenseful, and endlessly rewatchable. Great monster mash.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch (for true resident evil fan)