Four Bags Full

Four Bags Full

Two men, a painter and a poor guy have to cross over Paris by night during world war II and nazi occupation to delivery black market meat. As they walk along dark parisian streets they encounter various characters and adventures until they are arrested by German police.

Two men, a painter and a poor guy, have to cross over Paris by night during World War II and to deliver black market meat. As they walk along dark Parisian streets, they encounter various ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie T (ca) wrote: A beautiful film, but does not make you feel like becoming Hasidic.

Shawn S (jp) wrote: This is highly imaginative and wonderfully fun with exceptional animation and great characters.

Ajay N (us) wrote: This movie was quite funny and had a nice storyline. There was some good acting (Riteish, Vivek Oberoi and Amrita Rao) and some bad (Aftab). Fun movie and definitely worth seeing. Especially impressed with Amrita Rao's performance, but then again when am I not?

Paul S (br) wrote: What in the fuck were these guys smoking?

bill s (us) wrote: No matter how good the rest of the actors are when the title character is played by a horrible actress the movie was doomed from the start.

ITrepair A (gb) wrote: Remember watching as a boy Amazing film ,was watch a documentary earlier that spurred my recall to the film, one of them haven't seen it in ages moments

Hannah D (us) wrote: There are some very good songs in this musical and the scenary is absolutely beautiful. The only bits that bored me were the fighting scenes, but they were towards the end and weren't that intrusive. I loved the special filters that gave some scenes a hue.

Andr D (jp) wrote: Mel Brooks nos presenta todo un clsico de la comedia con "Blazing Saddles" la historia del primer sheriff negro (Cleavon Little en actitud Bugs Bunny) y su acompaante Jim, el pistolero ms rpido del oeste (un excelente Gene Wilder), quienes se enfrentan a Hadley Lamarr (un perfecto Harvey Korman) quien quiere destruir un pueblo completo para imponer una va de ferrocarril. Se incluye tambin a una inolvidable Madeleine Kahn como una cantante alemana inspirada en Marlene Dietrich. "Blazing Saddles" est llena de chistes que funcionan, parodias perfectas a los clichs del gnero Western y un final que es la anarqua total. Imperdible.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Watchable. Has a couple of good Ah-nold teases.

George J (ca) wrote: Total waste of a talented cast. The writer should have his WGA card revoked. It has virtually no character development, unbelievable plot, and is chock full of clichs, some of them offensive. (Morgan Freeman is the wise, all-knowing old black man, Greg Kinnear is a total loser who does nothing to convince us that any woman would like him let alone the three he marries in this film, etc. etc.)

John B (it) wrote: Thought this was an ok animated movie for the family with a good story

Abdulai A (es) wrote: This movie changes the history of film making

Adam S (jp) wrote: The only great (and good) Adam Sandler movie that is hilarious, histerical and filled with likeable and memorable characters and moments.