Four Boxes

Four Boxes

While working together in their eBay auction business, Trevor (Justin Kirk), Amber (Terryn Westbrook) and Rob (Sam Rosen) grow increasingly obsessed with the Web site, which follows the bizarre and potentially dangerous behavior of a creepy character they nickname "Havoc." As Havoc builds bombs and prepares to unleash disasters, the friends debate over whether they should try stopping him or just enjoy the show.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Four Boxes 2009 full movies, Four Boxes torrents movie

Trevor Grainger, Amber Croft and Rob Rankus are three, like, average dudes who run Go Time Liquidators - an eBay auction business. Trevor likes Stephen King, Amber wants to be a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Four Boxes torrent reviews

Mark D (de) wrote: A total mess. Dubbing, flash editing, bad directing, awful writing and not using Seagal strengths (i realise they're limited, but the guy can kick ass). The list is endless. For lack of a better word this film is simply pap.

Amanda B (gb) wrote: CHARLOTTE GRAY gives us an intense, action-packed film about a World War 2 heroine who risks her life to fight for her country. As she is fighting the bad guys, and overcoming the loss of her lover, Charlotte Gray risks everything to save those most important to her.

Paul B (it) wrote: Love this movie. Popcorn!

Hikaru I (mx) wrote: The first tale was boring, that couple deserved to die as far as I'm concerned. The second was relatively creepy but after a while, Bobby got on my freakin' nerves. The third was okay, I thought the woman was an idiot for going back to the doll so many times, but the doll itself was cute. Yeah, I'm weird, leave me alone.

Charlie M (br) wrote: Teen lies about passing drivers exam and takes his grandpa's treasured Cadillac for a joyride in this predictable but cute teen comedy.

Sorenof R (de) wrote: WARNING:May Contain SpoilersTomatometer:3%This is the worst movie I've ever seen and that's coming from a big hitchcock fan. The plotline's impossible to follow, the acting is terrible and there's a bunch of random violence. I can't stand this movie and I'm never watching it again. The ending makes no sense either.

Norm d (gb) wrote: Film noir defined in a nice looking b&w restoration, complete with the genre's convolutions. Trench coats abound. Women are beautiful and triplicitous, the good one getting away. Hunks back in their day after The War. A good looking film with a good commentary track for a 2nd look.

Justin S (fr) wrote: Engaging, and creepy. Lost all creepiness when he was revealed, never showed face. Ends with him alive and repairing doll