Four Brothers

Four Brothers

Four adopted brothers return to their Detroit hometown when their mother is murdered and vow to exact revenge on the killers.

In Four Brothers, adopted four men returne together with a funeral for their foster mother. And at the ceremony in this film, they discovered that their mother is actually murdered. Watch this movie immediately to discover the fact about their mother death? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (de) wrote: Well, this movie is full of greedy business men and explosions. Neither makes a terribly enjoyable movie.

Dan S (fr) wrote: Pretty boring. That's saying a lot since I love comic movies.

James L (br) wrote: This was a fun watch, in the vein of "Adaptation" or "Being John Malkovich", Jake Squared uses terrific metaphors and visual interest to communicate otherwise confusing (for the screen at least) and complex ideas. You'll see a little of yourself in Jake, and it will give you pause, but not before the movie gives you a great time and fun experience. A great example of what can really be done in independent cinema!

Pete G (fr) wrote: Abit weird but it was a good watch

Sarah (fr) wrote: Okay so let me try and explain how I feel about this movie. 1. I did NOT find it boring - although some people might. 2. I found myself getting into and attached to the story and characters quick well. 3. Many cases of bad acting, or borderline bad, however! Escher Holloway completely stood out to me as the real hidden gem of this film. Now, a part of me questions if that was actually because he did a good job, or if perhaps my eyes were distracted and therefore skewed my perception of the film (i.e. he was very attractive). Nonetheless, I want to watch it again - though Im not completely sure why. The ending will likely bother many of you, because (as the director himself has been quoted saying) it is meant to leave you hanging so that the audience can decide their own ending. Which for some, will be very frustrating. All in all it actually had a much better story line than I had thought it would. What did this movie teach me? The children are the future. Yet there are countless adults out there who use and abuse our children and therefore are destroying the future generation as well as their own.

Abby (ag) wrote: wonderful sad just beautiful

Alex C (mx) wrote: Be forewarned: if you watch the English dub, you WILL hear the voice actors say "Godzillur," "Mothrur," and "laver" (lava). Contains brief stock footage of lava. Also contains one of the wierdest fight scenes I've ever seen, where two grown men throw themseves (not each other) on the ground in what I can only imagine is some sort of syncronized parody of WWE. And once the three monsters start fighting, the movie stops trying to make sense altogether. The climactic battle feels drawn out and is one of Godzilla's lamest.

Chester M (nl) wrote: With "Death of a Salesman" and "Glengarry Glen Ross" as depictions of the life of selling on commission...

Eric N (jp) wrote: One of the worst action movies ever.Probably worth seeing because of it.Don't forget to listen to the How Did This Get Made podcast about it though!1985 -- the same year as Back To The Future, and a comparably high budget. Yet it looks like the lowest budget movie you've ever seen. This is classic "chop-socky" (more like schlocky) with the same tired plot as Enter The Dragon and so forth (and same director, but way worse...everything.)(oh Richard Norton, you gave me hope but this movie is...nope.)

Tim C (fr) wrote: RObert Downy Jnr, Kiefer Sutherland and Winona Ryder.. do an anti-Vietnam movie.WTF? and how come it actually worked? Don't know but as a brat pack / anti-war chat its pretty awesome... and its Winona pre-shoplifting snagglyness.

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Oh wow. much funnier than the previous incarnations of England. Much cleaner plot and script. Very much like a Bond Parody.

Brian D (nl) wrote: The squeamish need not apply! This unintentional dark comedy is packed with actors who have made careers out of portraying isolated freaks and geeks. Kudos to casting. Don't forget to throw in some charming Kooky music over lots of cannibalistic gore and dress your actors in some generic 19th century war-drobe and viola; You have yourself a movie from the late 1990's that will keep you feeling like maybe you will never eat red meat again. Vegans win! Also, I kind of liked this movie. But I've made a career out of liking the weird.

Janayah S (it) wrote: It look like a fun movie