Four Days in France

Four Days in France

A man leaves his home unannounced, and spends four days wandering around France.

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Junaid A (gb) wrote: Wese to all Indian movies are rubish now a days but this one is a particular case.

Jeffrey L (gb) wrote: This is a great film! Film snobs aside, kids will love this film tracing the time-traveling samurai teaching the modern boy discipline. This film was made for kids, but I loved it as an adult too.This is how I reviewed it when I first saw it in 2011...The greatest kids film since the original "Karate Kid" is Japanese film "A Boy and His Samurai". It is fun, funny, and (I hate to say it) heartwarming with some life lessons along the way. I expect it will be the first foreign subtitled film my brood of nephews, niece, and young cousins will see, as soon as it comes out on DVD.

Nate T (nl) wrote: The animation to this movie is amazing. The people who made this weren't lazy, its also great for children, but I watched about 5 minutes of it, and I got board, it didn't entertain me, so I give this movie a medium review

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: Buenos Aires, 1965 asaltadores homosexuales y una prostituta que se completa el tringulo

Jessica H (jp) wrote: Bullock doe not fall far enough for this to work.

JamesMasaki R (ru) wrote: Saura's third collaboration with Gades, the opening shot starts with a studio shutter closing, with the camera panning across the studio, into the setpiece: a desert town. He lets you know immediately that this is a dramatization on a stage, it is not meant as reality. The story itself is an intriguing multiple-relationship love story, with betrayal, killing, and even a ghost. A bit weaker than the previous 2 films, the third still stands on its own as something very unique in movies. Dance on.

Danny R (ru) wrote: William Friedkin's dark, highly controversial lurid thriller about an undercover cop named Steve Burns, compellingly played by Al Pacino in low-key understated performance, who goes underground into the gay S&M leather subculture of New York City during the pre-AIDS early 80s to try and catch a sadistic serial-killer of homosexual men. Burns who is straight goes deep cover as a gay man and a decoy for the murderer, he is completely isolated from the police department and his only contact is his superior Captain Edelson, superbly played by Paul Sorvino. He cannot even tell is girlfriend, nicely played by Nancy Alien, about his assignment. But as the vicious murders continue Burns is starting to be affected by his exposure to the hardcore gay lifestyle and it begins to change him. Okay direction by Friedkin, who also wrote the confusing and sometimes awful screenplay which is based on the novel by Gerald Walker. Striking cinematography by James A. Contner, and a marvelous original score by the late Jack Nitzsche. The only real reason to see this film is for Al Pacino's captivating performance, otherwise this motion picture is truly a mess, but fascinating never the less. Note: This film when released in 1980 caused many gays to protest the film for it's degrading and distasteful view of the gay community. Homophobic, ambiguous, brutal and not for all tastes. Recommended.

Martin T (br) wrote: My god, this movie sucks hard. Totally lifeless and boring and pointless. I've never seen so many shots of feet. Bresson at his worst.

Melanie W (gb) wrote: Ok this was a weird movie kind of suspenseful. Not a bad way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon

WK J (kr) wrote: You don't want to see this one.

Johnny L (gb) wrote: Wonderfully done. A fantastic insight into Bruce Lee.

Jerico T (ru) wrote: Best friends with benefits forever

Nathaniel T (kr) wrote: So terrible, good thing it was only an hour 15 minutes.