Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Roberto, a drummer in a rock band, keeps receiving weird phone calls and being followed by a mysterious man. One night he manages to catch up with his persecutor and tries to get him to talk but in the ensuing struggle he accidentally stabs him. He runs away, but he understands his troubles have just begun when the following day he receives an envelope with photos of him killing the man. Someone is killing all his friends and trying to frame him for the murders...

A musician is stalked by an unknown killer who's blackmailing him for an accidential killing of another stalker. But is everything what it appears to be? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley P (jp) wrote: Pretty shitty, most entries are just plain awful.

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: Rating: 3.4 or 3.5/5. There is a huge editing flaw in this film. Kay Kay Menon is extraordinary! Awful acting by the main character. The script and most characters are not well written. Great "filmy" references and ending shot. My favorite film out of Bollywood though.

Omac1985 (mx) wrote: Charming and enjoyable in it's simplicity.

Greg W (nl) wrote: The film evolves into something deeper, a story about the atavistic wildness within people.

Al S (us) wrote: A tough, stylish, high-energy and explosive crime-thriller. A great movie with a slam-bang finish thats knocks you out. It`s loaded with style, originality and great stars. An intense, hard-boiled and action-packed movie ride. One of Director, Walter Hill`s best films ever and one of the best performances of Mickey Rourke`s career. Mickey Rourke is absolutely outstanding. Morgan Freeman is excellent. Forest Whitaker is terrific.

Tim R (br) wrote: Very solid Bond film, not as good as Dalton's first turn as Bond but still good.

Alex B (br) wrote: A love affair vs. national liberation. The Canadian ruling class is no less debased, in thrall to their decadent American masters.

Cameren L (it) wrote: Even if it ultimately doesn't soar as high as its premise deserves, it's still a classic omnibus film. And I can't understand not liking the finale.

ANDERSON G (us) wrote: Citizen Kane is a film with epic characteristics, and was at least 30 years ahead of his time, let's start by spectacular Gregg Toland photography, which for me is one of the top 5 best film photography, all the camera angles, metaphors, editing, close-ups, the use of natural and artificial light, mounts scenarios are something inexplicable (Remember Kane's speech), J. Mankiewicz script is great, using flashbacks (something new in time) and the timeline in your favor, I really can not say if this film was the first film to use these narrative resources, I think not, but it sure was one of the first to use a magnificent way, the soundtrack it is accurate, and the performances are very good, especially the Orson Welles doing a magnificent job, as director and actor, worth a reference scenes "Post credit" which explains that all the actors are new, cool also speak the name the cinematographer Gregg Toland is credited alongside Orson, Citizen Kane marked the history of cinema as we know it, so you go to see the movie today will notice that most of the "things" are very common nowadays and did not understand why the film is so prestigious, but remember that citizen kane invented this pile of "things."

Daniel S (fr) wrote: continuing with my guilty pleasure of trashy 80s movies, this one is pretty good, they do a good job with the classic 80s characters, and its a good set up, i will say some things werent explained the best, and despite only being 89 min, still dragged a bit at the end, with just a buncha running scenes, but its still a fun time overall

Cory T (ag) wrote: Boars can be downright merciless in their choice of victims as exemplified by the superlative B-movie 'Razorback'. The carnivorous boar in question eviscerates a pregnant woman, a toddler in his crib and worst of all, a vintage television set. Each attack is staged like an earthquake with the boar stampeding like a snarling freight train while the tremor-induced camera shakes uncontrollably. More than anything else in this rollicking offering from the Australian outback, the sun-dappled, orange-tinted cinematography is inimitable. It could almost be described as one of the most picturesque exploitation movies ever made. Of course, the film is chockful of hoary cliches like the barroom xenophobia of the local towards the American outsiders and the Robert Shaw-esque hunter with a revenge bent against the pernicious critter ("There are only 2 states of being-dangerous or dead."). There is also a jaunty dose of satirical bite around animal rights activism and whether these notably non-docile creatures need the crusading vocal support of people. The kamikaze visual energy of a young Sam Raimi sustains the film's momentum through a somewhat soggy midsection that prematurely introduces a love interest after the main character's wife has just been gored. Overall though, 'Razorback' is a rip-roaring juggernaut in the usually shallow pool of man-vs.-nature creature features.

Ahmed J (ca) wrote: It was really good at doing what it does best, being old school. Great sound design and cinematography with one really cool scene that made me appreciate this movie going back to its genre's roots.

Tito R (de) wrote: Dang! I really want to see this movie!!

Van R (jp) wrote: Although Ernst Hemingway chose Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper as the leads in director Sam Wood's cinematic adaptation of "For Whom the Bell Tolls," the novelist hated the movie because the repressive Hollywood Production Code Administration made Paramount Pictures excise virtually all of the political content of "Stagecoach" scenarist Dudley Nichols' script. Indeed, what the Production Code did was to remove anything derogatory about General Franco's regime, ruling in Spain at that point, that Cooper and his Nationalist resistance compatriots sought to defeat. This was certainly not the first movie that had its plot eviscerated. The 1938 Spanish Civil War movie "Blockade" with Henry Fonda has suffered a similar fate. It was obvious which side was right and which side was wrong, but the Code prevented them from identifying them by name."For Whom the Bell Tolls" takes place in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War as the protagonist, American teacher-turned-Republican soldier Robert Jordan, blasts a Nationalist troop train to smithereens. Enemy soldiers swarm after Jordan (Gary Cooper of "Sergeant York") and his friend Kashkin (Feodor Fedorovich Chaliapin Jr. of "Mission to Moscow") and wound the latter. Kashkin holds Jordan to his promise to kill him because he refuses be captured. Nobody wants to fall into the savage hands of the Republicans. This form of mercy killing is a rule of thumb among the Republican. Nevertheless, Jordan hates having to kill Kaskhin and calls it "murder." Meantime, Jordan escapes to Madrid to rendezvous with Republican General Golz (Leo Bulgakov of "This Land is Mine") briefs him on a new mission to dynamite an important bridge at the same time that the Republicans launch a surprise air assault. Jordan has three days to prepare.An older Spanish guide Anselmo (Vladimir Sokoloff of "Scarlet Street") leads our hero to the bridge spanning a gorge and then escorts him to a Nationalist outpost in a mountain cave not far from the structure. A small band of guerrilla fighters and Gypsy refugees take orders from Pablo (Akim Tamiroff of "Union Pacific") and his fire breathing wife Pilar. According to his wife, Pablo has lost his nerve and she supervises their exploits. Pilar (Katina Paxinou of "Confidential Agent") has nothing but contempt for her cowardly drunkard of a husband. Robert conceals the explosive in the cave and gets to know his new companions, among them a carefree gypsy Rafael (Mikhail Rasumny of "Comrade X"); Primitivo (Victor Varconi of "Strange Cargo"); Andres (Eric Feldary of "Cloak and Dagger"), Fernando (Fortunio Bonanova of "Citizen Kane"), and young Maria, (Ingrid Bergman of "Casablanca"), a Spanish refugee that the Nationalists raped after they shot her parents. Palo and his men rescued Maria from a prison train. Robert needs Pablo's assistance to blow up the bridge. Pablo, worried about a Nationalist reprisal, gives Jordan the cold shoulder.Meanwhile, Pilar warns Jordan that Pablo cannot be trusted. Pablo is not happy since Pilar has assumed command of his men and behaves in a suspicious manner. Later, Fernando reveals that he left camp to be with his wife in the city. He eavesdropped on loquacious Nationalists chatting about gossip of a possible Republican attack on the bridge. Pilar, Maria and Robert climb through the mountains to meet the rebel El Sordo (Joseph Calleia of "The Gorilla"), a renegade gypsy, who agrees to steal the horses they need to escape after the bridge is destroyed. Gradually, over a three day interval, Jordan and Maria become lovers. Eventually, Maria tells him that the Nationalist soldier abused her. Mind you, Nichols could not use the word 'rape' in 1943, and Jordan doesn't want to hear about the details. A snowstorm has everybody worried that Nationalist patrols may spot the tracks of El Sordo's stolen horses and follow them to the cave. Pablo's drunken behavior prompts the others send him into exile.After Pablo's departure, Pilar reveals that Pablo has not always yellow. When the war began, Pablo proved himself a courageous leader. Organizing the citizens against a Nationalist attack, Pablo helped save their town. He blew up the wall around the city hall where the Nationalists had been cornered and decided not to give up. Pablo forced these city officials to face the wrath of the citizens. These men brave a gauntlet before the enraged citizens hurl them off a high cliff to their deaths.The savagery of his countrymen sickens Pablo and refuses to participate in the fighting. Later, Pablo shows up at the cave with a change of heart and agrees to support Jordan's mission to blow the bridge. The next day, Robert has to shoot a Nationalist cavalryman who rides too close to the cave. A patrol rides up and El Sordo's gang diverts them from Jordan and company. El Sordo and his men take refuge in a mountain outpost and fight until fighter planes wipe them out. Meanwhile, the treacherous Pablo sabotages Jordan's equipment. Anselmo warns Jordan that Nationalist troops are fortifying the bridge. Robert fears that the Nationalists know of the Republican surprise attack. He dispatches Andres on a hopeless mission behind enemy lines with a message for Golz to cancel the offensive. During the night, Jordan and Maria make love. Before dawn, Pilar uncovers Pablo's treachery, and Robert rigs up make-shift detonators from hand grenade. As Jordan is placing the dynamite, a Nationalist armored column trundles into view. The bridge is destroyed, but Anselmo dies in the blast. As Jordan and company escape, the soldiers open fire and a shell knocks Jordan off his horse and he breaks his leg. Jordan convinces Maria to leave with Pillar and Pablo and dies when the soldiers rush him.Director Sam Wood paces the action so that he can tell several stories at once and he generates considerable suspense and tension in the final quarter hour of this epic. The legendary production designer William Cameron Menzies created the fake bridge over the gorge. Composer Victor Young's score is wonderfully evocative.