Four Men and a Prayer

Four Men and a Prayer

The sons of a disgraced British officer try to clear his name.

The sons of a disgraced British officer try to clear his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Four Men and a Prayer torrent reviews

Michael H (it) wrote: Less a film about The National, more about one brothers feeling of inadequacy and stepping out of the shadow of his more successful sibling

Tandie M (kr) wrote: Absolutely disgusting and stomach churning. I couldn't sit through more than the first 10 minutes of this filth. I can not believe people find this crap entertaining.

Drini C (nl) wrote: The wholly unimpressive conclusion of the story makes me think the story itself was flawed to begin with. Elements of the story were very intriguing (why I decided to watch the movie in the first place), but there were more elements which seemed underdeveloped or highly predictable. Otherwise, the presentation was slow, tedious, and overly dramatic. By the end, I felt as if I'd been taken on a journey that led me nowhere.

Dougal S (fr) wrote: Around 40 years after his first 'Feast' Herschell Gordon Lewis returns with a sequal. I'm not really sure why he bothered.The film is a pretty lame rehash of the original video nasty with Fraud Ramses III returning to his grandfather's shop (the scene of all the splatter in the original film) to re-open the catering business. Low and behold he gets possessed by a statue in the back room and starts killing and cooking the locals in order to create a 'blood feast' in honour of his new God.Whilst the HG Lewis has never had any pretensions at high brow entertainment it's difficult to know what he was trying to achieve here. If it was meant to be a straight exploitation flick then it's mired in dreadful acting and dialogue. if it's supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of his old films then it seems like a bit of a wasted exercise.The gore is there but despite being more elaborate in intent, HG doesn't seem to have moved on in terms of style so it all ends up looking a bit cartoony. There are a few good moments but they're shamefully few and far between and mainly involve the mother-in-law from hell whose appearance is always proceeded by a burst of music repeating 'satan'. Oh - and her husband is supposed to be so insignificant that when he dies no one notices and his corpse then appears in every subsequent scene which all the characters duly ignore. That in itself was a funny idea but it is so glossed over in the rush to try another bit of gore it ends up more bemusing than anything.So maybe HG should have stayed in retirement and let someone remake the original (as is the norm these days) rather than trying to resurrect it himself.

Ane B (mx) wrote: A Blackadder quote sums up the film perfectly: "It started badly, it tailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end the better, but apart from that it was excellent."

Michael A (br) wrote: What a depressing and unsettling film. This film is suppose to be a horror comedy but it comes off as a creepy,disturbing, and unusual film. It disgusts me that a film was made like this and was so entirely flimsy at what it was trying to do which was to make us laugh. Yet I didn't laugh at all. I was more disturbed and confused at what I was watching and also pondering why this film was ever made. But I must admit the performances of Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt who played the parents were creepy and well played. But that still doesn't save this film from being very likeable in the least bit.

Christie (ru) wrote: I would never forgive him!

Michael L (kr) wrote: a good early sound film by von sternberg, definetely one of the early creators film noir. gary cooper is well...gary cooper. he really does play the same character in every movie. and as always, marlene diertrich is a pleasure to watch

Urban M (kr) wrote: Eastern Promises is a refreshingly calm, well shot, unconventional gangster thriller with (for Cronenberg standards) little, but explicit, raw violence (with one scene in particular involving a naked Viggo Mortensen being one of the best and most visceral fight scenes put to film), a quietly effective score and great performances, especially by Mortensen. Its intriguing discussion of classic Cronenbergian themes- body, identity and community- within a character-driven story is only hindered by the comparatively uninteresting story-part surrounding Anna and a few other writing flaws, especially in its final 30 seconds.

Lane Z (it) wrote: Goon was goofy. It's good to see Seann William Scott in such a slapstick comedy. Evan Goldberg and Jay Baruchel co-wrote this, and it's definitely easy to see the crude humor from their other movies enter the picture here. In full honesty, the film gets demoted an entire star for Baruchel's involvement as an actor in the film. Not once did I laugh with him on screen. His character relies on the over-the-top vulgarity approach, and it's just not enjoyable to watch on screen.Outside of his performance, I was way more interested in getting to know the rest of the hockey team. The Replacements comes to mind with how each player gets a bit of a story to endear them to the audience. In fact, this had light whispers of an older version of Mighty Ducks.Though Scott and Pill and Schreiber give fairly quiet performances because of the lack of dialogue or complexity to it when there is some, we still get a heartfelt and joyful comedy over the hour and a half.