Beyond 1982 There Lies Another World

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Sebastian M (ru) wrote: An excellent scandinavian film. Two thumbs up.

Matthew C (nl) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen. A classic and a must-see for every film-loving adult. You haven't seen a story quite like 'Silmido'.

Michael H (ru) wrote: While researching Battle of Okinawa for a computer game (I learned that from a description of the movie, not from watching the movie) our protagonist, Laura, learns things and has thoughts. Some of those things are interesting. A few of the thoughts are.

Claudette A (ag) wrote: It was very interesting to see Cruise and Penn as very very young actors, in their teenage years. Though a far fetch story about cadets who take over their academy (standing their ground) and the military is sent in.............

Paula B (jp) wrote: I loved this movie. It was funny, simple and very different....I watch it every time it comes on...Feel good movie

Walter M (es) wrote: In "Outcast," Cathal(James Nesbitt) has struck a deal to get powerful tattoos for his hunt, along with assistance and guidance from Liam(Ciaran McMenamin) but the laird(James Cosmo) draws the line at talking to the dead. Meanwhile, Mary(Kate Dickie) decorates the new apartment she shares with her teenage son Fergal(Niall Bruton) with sigils that include some of her own blood. As a protective mother, she warns him about the dangers of the opposite sex but to no avail when he meets Petronella(Hanna Stanbridge) and her brother Tomatsk(Josh Whitelaw) before being introduced to Ally(Karen Gillan) at the swings. Yes, yes, I know you have been down the path of supernatural hormonal teenagers plenty of times before but "Outcast" overcomes that tired old formula, not only due to the quality performances of its leads, but also because of its creepy atmosphere.(There is some gore here for those interested in that sort of thing.) In fact, the magic and the reality of the council estates provide a neat juxtaposition, in showing how much has been forgotten over the years and just lurking beneath the surface. Another way of looking at this setting is as a trap for young people, as apparently there are an endless amount of ways for parents to screw up their kids.

Estef A (it) wrote: Nice dance moves, same old story