Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown

A voluptuous black woman takes a job as a high-class prostitute in order to get revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

A voluptuous black woman takes a job as a high-class prostitute, going on a crusade to find out who murdered her man, and then exacts revenge with the help of a local activist group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gian C (br) wrote: a crap movie but funny

Pavandeep S (ca) wrote: Juvenile and fun, pretty fun to watch.

Tom B (mx) wrote: DON'T LET THE WRONG ONE IN...your dvd-player (= "let me in") - please LET THE RIGHT ONE IN!I saw the Swedish original LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and watched the remake LMI briefly thereafter. The differences are simply enormous, although about 85% of the scenes are almost identical.First + the positive:a) for already 3 years I am a giant fan of Chloe Moretz and expect only great things by her. She acts here very well, doesnt attain however the radiant emittance of Lina Leandersson as vampire Maid Eli in LTROI.b) compared to other remakes, this here is quite acceptable.BUT: Let the right one in (LTROI) is superior to the remake LMI in ANY REGARD. Not, because original is always better, but:1. Swedish in language + mentality + landscape in the original contributes greatly to the singularly melancholic tendency of the film. Furthermore the unbelievably great music score in LTROI, which never FORCES ITSELF upon, like much too often in other films. And thus this Score supports just the atmosphere simply magnificently (in remake LMI this is missing completely!)2. LTROI has great settings and scenes. Not least owing it to the virtuoso camera and picture language, which pleased me extremely well, much better than with LMI. For instance the original scenes were filmed in the winter with up to -30 degrees in north Sweden - and thus they work much more genuinly than these more economical cgi fake FX from new Mexico USA of the remake LMI. (e.g. see the smoke swaths when breathing out in cold weather)3. the 2 main charcters in the original are more 3-dimensional and have actually (!!!) more intelligent dialogues (the dialogues between the two US-kids in remake LMI are incredibly shallow.)The integrated coming off age part with first love/affection is told with LTROI in such marvelous picture language and a tardiness that it was really a true benefit for me. Oskar and Eli let me sympathize emotionally so much with them. The LMI version sacrifices this in favor of superficial effects.4. because some the best scenes from the original LTROI were dropped.All in all LTROI creates an almost impossible split between cruelty and tenderness, and this is great art.Let me in - on the other hand is only exciting entertainment cinema with some shock elements supplied - however probably just perfectly sufficient for the undemanding mainstream-audiences and Stephen King....rating = 70 %###########################################70%

Lilo C (ca) wrote: If you are familiar to Asian Movies, you ll enjoy this one. If not you ll really have a tough time to follow the plot. LOL I read a user wrote:I'm still trying to figure out, WHY. Why what you ask, why I continue to watch this bloody movie, I mean theres no blood in the movie, just an expression, Guy wandering around trying to do good for his dying son, but tends to piss people offWell each to their own anyway. I liked it. Not one of the best though watchable.

Aragorn K (ru) wrote: All style with little direction and uneven acting. Sin City never finds a focus and as such, never is able to adequately develop its stories or its characters and ends up being surprisingly boring as a result.

Fred W (de) wrote: Very good murder/mystery interspersed with corny dialogue from the WE network.

Sean D (nl) wrote: It was pretty funny... but overall not that great

Eric B (es) wrote: Directed by David Hemmings (star of "Blow Up"), "Just a Gigolo" is mostly just a curiosity for David Bowie fanatics. This notorious flop was filmed during Bowie's late-70s period in Berlin, and he's looking as traditionally handsome as he ever looked in younger days, so his fetishists will drool. The premise actually isn't so different from "The Graduate" -- a malleable naif rejoins the real world (in this case, post-WWI rather than post-college) and gets dubious advice from everyone about what he should do next. In this case, he ends up working as a dancehall gigolo. Except the script is an utter snooze. This slack tale is neither funny nor dramatic, and the plot is just as aimless as Bowie's character. One bonus: The powerhouse cast includes Curt Jurgens, Maria Schell, Kim Novak and (in her final appearance) Marlene Dietrich. She only has two brief scenes, but it's undeniably haunting to see her sign off her career by singing "...and life goes on without me." Hemmings has a small role as a Nazi organizer, and Sydne Rome scores points as a sexy torch singer who suddenly exits the movie about halfway through (did she leave to work on a better project?). Bowie himself does not perform onscreen, but did write a trivial street-performer's song that appears early in the action.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: She was possessed!Jack the Ripper's daughter witnessed several of her father's crimes, including the death of her mother. She is paralyzed with fear and seeks treatment from a psychiatrist. She appears wheelchair bound and harmless; however, when death begins appearing around the doctor, the girl may be more than she appears."If I wasn't desperate for money I would have never allowed for this charade."Peter Sasdy, director of Ending Up, The Lonely Lady, Welcome to Blood City, Countess Dracula, Doomwatch, and Taste the Blood of Dracula, delivers Hands of the Ripper. The storyline for this picture is a bit clich but fun to watch unfold. The kill scenes are average and the acting was just okay. The cast includes Eric Porter, Angharad Rees, Jane Merrow, Dora Bryan, and Keith Bell. "We're going on a and I."I came across this, this past Halloween season and I decided to DVR it. This was just okay and could have been better. The kill scenes left a lot to the imagination and it took a little while for the story to come together. Overall, this is an average addition to the horror genre that is only worth your time if you're a diehard fan of the genre."The violence of this man is still in that girl."Grade: C

Jeffrey M (nl) wrote: One of James Stewart's best westerns, and another great teaming between him and director Anthony Mann. It's fast moving, with excellent cinematography, good performances all around, and a solid script. James Stewart was completely believable as the bad ass trying to leave his past, and is matched well against men of similar backgrounds but dubious character. The plot is a simple one, but is kept interesting through twists and double crosses that work because of a script that succeeds in its characterizations.4/5 Stars